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Most government resources provide specific templates which are to be followed when you are applying for a federal job. If you fail to follow these templates, you are likely to lose to a candidate who adhered to the proper guidelines. Additionally, the process itself is complex.

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Many career coaches are of the opinion that availing professional federal resume writing services to create your resume for you is the optimal option as they are knowledgeable on the federal job application process. Simplify your job search by hiring a resume writer and rest easy knowing that your application will count because it has been professionally written and optimized for the specific position you are targeting.

Authentic Federal Resume Writing Services

When you seek help from our authentic federal resume writing services, you can be sure that our writers will draft you a resume that will earn you that competitive edge when you apply for your desired federal job. Position yourself ahead of your competitors by seeking assistance from our high-quality resume writing service that will guarantee you an interview with your potential employer. Our affordable resume service will build your resume from a simple presentation of qualifications and transform it into a powerful piece by integrating your abilities, skills, and knowledge – all with the main purpose of getting you that desired federal job.

our process

Procedures in the Federal Resume Writing Process

  • Briefing Review: Once you place an order with us, our federal resume writers will acquire a briefing from your Federal Career Consultant regarding your federal occupational series, grade level, job objectives, and specific job announcements. Details about your past experiences, objectives, and challenges will also be reviewed.
  • Keywords: Your writer will examine your desired vacancy announcement and search for keywords which will afterward be given to you for review. After your approval, the keywords will be included in your federal resume.
  • Document Review: You will then provide any documents in your possession that help strengthen the content of your resume such as position descriptions, past resumes, awards, and performance evaluations.
  • Accomplishment Inclusion: Your writer will discuss your accomplishments with you, will help you identify your accomplishments, including the challenges and outcomes of each.
  • Relevant Experience: Your writer will discuss your skills and relevant experiences with you and proceed to brief you on what is needed to make your resume exceptional.
  • Writing Starts:  Your professional writer from our top-rated federal resume writing services gets writing in an expert, impressive, and marketable way about you and your career achievements.
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Purposed to Qualify You

Our federal resume writing services for veterans are proposed to qualify you. We can effortlessly read and interpret any federal vacancy announcements. We examine and translate government resume packages, highlighting suitable keywords, focus on your major accomplishments, key strengths, and core competencies, to meet the criterion of the announced vacancy – ensuring that you are qualified against the set ranking factors.

The Top Benefits of Our Services:

  • Interview guarantee
  • Certified professional resume writers
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We Draft the Following Federal Resume Documents:

  • Senior Executive Services (SES).
  • Navy Resumix (7,500 characters per employment section).
  • Army Resumix (CPOL | 12,000 characters for the employment section).
  • CIA, DLA, FBI, DLA and other agency Resumixes (character length as per the instructions of individual agencies).
  • KSAs as well as other narrative essay statements (between 1,500 to 8,000 characters per essay).
  • Federally Formatted Resume (presentation style/hard copy | NSPS Pay Bands and GS-5 to GS-15: Standard: Scientific & Engineering: YA, YB, YC, YP; Medical: YD, YE, YF; YG; Investigative & protective: YH, YI, YJ: YK, YL, YM, YN).

How to get our services

To get the best federal resume writing services from us, all you need to do is submit your order, review and add additional files, and select a payment option that is suitable for you.

If you ever find yourself asking, “Are there any federal resume writing services near me?” You can buy a federal resume from us on our online platform and take a break as our skilled writers work tirelessly to produce a federal resume that will fetch you that much-desired job.