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It is hard to find cheap resume writing services that can deliver on their promise. Resume That Works is the crown jewel of the market with a cost of professional resume writing services under $100. Connect with us and enjoy a money-back guarantee on writing services from cheap resume writers!
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There are so many expenses that come with a job hunt. But getting your resume ready for the opening in your dream company should not put a dent in your pocket. Resume That Works knows that and this is where our cheap resume writing services come into the picture! Because of our streamlined operations and processes, thanks to automation, we can keep overheads and other costs at the bare minimum. This allows us to offer world-class services to clients at amazingly discounted pricing - especially when compared to other companies in the same domain! So, if you are afraid you might get left out of the job race due to a subpar resume, we can make a new one for you at discounted pricing!
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Providing Quality Services At Affordable Rates

It is hard to find any company that offers affordable resume writing services without cutting corners. The most obvious corner is quality and care. Luckily, when you decide to go with Resume That Works, we stress more value over pricing. Our clients are sure about the quality and thought that goes into our processes. From military resumes to the federal level and executive-level resumes, we cover all types and make sure that the virtues of our clients are highlighted briefly and boldly. While submitting your order, all you need to do is what you want the end product to look like and we will make it so. So, place your order now and enjoy the best affordable resume writing services!

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We have a team of professional resume writers. All the team members have their unique line of expertise and experience in tailoring resumes to our clients’ needs. This is helpful for clients as they can easily express and make clear to writers what they want their resumes to reflect. When you get on board with Resume That Works, you will never have to worry about pricing as we offer the cheapest and most affordable resume writing services around the globe!

Cost of Professional Resume Writing Service

Resume That Works believe in transparent dealings to provide a hassle-free and streamlined experience to our clients. In that spirit, we always make our pricing open and public so customers should know how much it would cost them to hire cheap resume writers. Following are the prices of some of the services. If you do not find the one related to your problem, connect with us and we will furnish you with all the details.


Resume Writing - Starting From $47.5 This is the most basic – and popular – resume writing service. Typically, we receive hundreds of orders to write resumes from scratch. The cheap resume writing service we provide is, for sure, a killer. Then again, the quality and prompt service secures us a special place and makes ResumeThatWorks one of the industry’s best. For $47.5, you can get a professional resume written by an experienced writer. In writing your resume, the writers do not simply accept your order and deliver on deadline. Instead, we offer you a full service, including a one-on-one consultation about nitty-gritty details of your resume. So, while you could pay $55 or more at other resume writing services to get a so-so resume, at ResumeThatWorks we offer value.


Resume Editing/Rewriting - Starting From $35.63 This is the second area in resume writing we excel at. Often, job applicants have a ready resume, yet more “polish” is required. Indeed, many professionals, however experienced, are at a loss to go that extra mile a killer resume makes. This is where professional and affordable resume service comes in. For $35.63, you’re not just getting some grammatical and spell-checking corrections yet a full refurbish of your resume. In addition to typical grammatical and spell-checking, our cheap resume editing/rewriting services ensure your resume isn’t missed by your employer’s applicant tracking system. By matching specific keywords from your job descriptions and your employer’s library, our expert writers guarantee you the first interview. Testimonials come from our customers of every possible background, experience, and education. Take a look and see what our customers are saying about our resume editing/rewriting service.


Cover Letter Writing - Starting From $21.38 At $21.38 really, you can get a cover letter to go with your resume or just separately. Just like our cheap resumes, our cover letters are industry killers. Taking your professional and personal information accurately, our professional writers develop your work history and personal interests into a mind-blowing cover letter. More, the expert writers are qualified and experienced enough to read between the lines and develop an impressive cover letter – even when no resume is provided as additional material. Like the resumes, written from scratch or edited, the cover letters secure you a landing spot in your next employer’s waiting room for an interview. Claim your spot and place an order for a cover letter at $21.38 now.


LinkedIn Profile Creation - $35.63 Our services are expanding into yet more new territories. Today, employers are looking into your online activity, including LinkedIn. In addition to quick scanning of applicant resume, employers are increasingly reading LinkedIn profiles. Think about a great resume you’ve written or hired a professional to write only to find your application rejected because of your LinkedIn profile. Let’s admit it. Your job application must be consistent – across all your application platforms and media. At $35, ResumeThatWorks develops your LinkedIn profile for immediate professional outcomes. Affordable professional resume writers are equally qualified to write your LinkedIn profile. Combining wordcraft wizardry and search engine optimization knowledge, the writers make your LinkedIn profile visible and readable by your prospective employers. Like all the services we offer, LinkedIn writing provides value by making your LinkedIn profile a constant branding spot of your professional experience and knowledge That’s all to say; our platform is an unmatched low-cost resume help service.

Bundle Packages For You To Save More

If you are one of those persons who believe that ordering multiple items will save you time, money, and hassle at Resume That Works, then you are RIGHT!

This is what makes us the best and of course the most affordable resume writing services for our clients.

If you want to place a custom order, contact our customer support and they will help you get started right away!

Here is a gist of how much you can save by ordering in bulk: 

  • Resume & Cover Letter – $64.13
  • Resume, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn Profile – $92.63

Discounts – Even on Resume Writing Services Under $100

We know what you are thinking, when the cost of a professional resume is already this competitive, how can Resume That Works offer further discounts and deals, for both new and recurring customers.

Turns out, we can! Enjoy exclusive deals no matter where you are with the numb your orders:   

  • New Customer Exclusive Discount – 15%

  • After 3 Successful Orders – 5% Discount

  • After 7 Satisfactory Orders – 10% Discount

  • After 10 Superb Orders – 15% Discount For LIFE

Enjoy Exclusive Discounts At The Best Affordable Resume Writing Services!

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You wrote a resume that presents me so well! I now have a resume that I will keep on improving till the rest of my career. Well done!
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I got my interview with Microsoft and they were very impressed, I passed all 3 interview stages and your resume was the starting point and the foundation.
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Affordable and reliable service. Having customer support 24/7 and writing such a professional resume for me.
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Resume is fantastic. I got a job offer mostly because of your resume. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.
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I got an amazing resume. It looks and feels very Premium and Professional. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!