Terms and conditions

Submission of registration and order means that you accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions we have. It also means that you accept our Privacy Policy, and accept that we will keep and store the information you have provided us with.


  • Order – the work you submit for us to do for you
  • You – the client
  • Revision – free changes made to an order after completion
  • Preferred resume/CV writer – a writer who has worked for a client in the past, and is specifically requested for work in the future for additional fee
  • Custom resume/CV – a Word document which is written from scratch for a customer and might use outside sources for references

Order Instructions:

Once an order has been paid, the resume writing service ResumeThatWorks.com holds the right to withhold any further service involving change of original instructions. The responsibility of the site to fulfil the order only extends to the original order details.


As a client, you have the right to ask for a revision for free as long as it is within thirty days of receipt of the original order. Rewrites will be done if you can present good evidence that the resume was not written to the original order specs. Any revisions undertaken will follow the original order specifications, and we reserve the right to refuse any revisions or further changes to an order that we think violates this requirement.


Any and all refunds must be asked for within three days of receipt of the final resume. Any of these requests must be made to the support staff of the site directly, rather than to the writer of your resume. You have a minimum of thirty days in which to get a refund, and if there is not enough adequate information to justify a refund, we will refuse you to use the resume.

Custom Made Resume:

Every resume or CV we write is completely custom made and written from scratch, unless any quotations from other works are involved. Because they are custom written, our customers can use them however they want.


Our confidentiality process is as follows. We keep your information private, but in order to get in touch with you we may find ourselves having to use it in email providers and payment processors, to use two examples. Your information is only used in the instance where we might need to identify you based on a previous order, or your account. We practice the policy of not using login information even if it has been provided to us, and we certainly do not pass that information on to anyone. We and our writers only use the information which was submitted to us through the order form.

Any writing which is produced as a result of collaboration between customer and company is the property of them both. The customer has the right to use the property exclusively for three months, after this point the property reverts back to the company.

Service Outages:

If there is any problem on our end of the site which prevents us from fulfilling our obligations, we will take responsibility for that. We will not take responsibility for any problems on your end of the site which lead to problems with receipt of resumes and so on.

Preferred Resume/CV Writer:

If you have a preferred resume/CV writer, they will get extra money as part of their work on this newest resume. This money is paid on by the customer in an attempt to get their preferred resume/CV writer to work with them, but if the work is taken on by somebody else, the additional money will be held as credit.

User Data Collection and Usage:

The information we collect from our customers includes the following:

  • – E-mail
  • – Telephone number
  • – User Name
  • – Payer Name
  • – Billing address
  • – IP address
  • – Cookies

We use your information for commercial purposes only, we may sometimes use it to send the customer promotions and deals. Our Privacy Policy has full explanation of how we use the customer’s information.