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Good resumes might grab a recruiter's attention. Top resumes guarantee you an interview. A perfect resume gets you hired. Our services get you employed. This is how we get it done:

You might believe great design is a sure way to land you a job. At face value, elaborate designs help accentuate your skills. Many job applicants make such a mistake. The reality is simple is better. There are so many reasons you should stick to a simple design. First, simple design makes recruiters less distracted by format and more focused on substance. Second, simple design is important for applicant tracking systems (ATSs). Many companies now use ATSs to spot specific skills and experience sets in resumes. Often, fancy designs are skipped by ATSs, if not making your resume scrambled. Third, the design is only meant to boost your resume – not to be your resume. That's, you use design to fit your ultimate purpose of landing you your dream job.
This is different from the design. If the design is about how your resume is planned visually, the format is the arrangement. That's, the design is about how different text and image components fit into a pre-planned pattern for an intended effect. In contrast, the format is about how the chosen text and image components are aligned within a given design. In resumes, our company harness format and design features to help you get hired. Tapping into a wide range of formats, our resume professionals pick specific patterns readable by ATSs and looked for by recruiters.
This is a resume company. So, our business is to write your resumes. To do so, we hire best-in-industry expertise. Our resume writers come from diverse professional backgrounds. In addition to experienced recruiters, our resume writer pool includes industry-specific experts offering insights from over 70 industries. In fact, our business would not be possible without our pro resume writers. So, if you're a fresh market entrant or an experienced professional, stay assured you'll get best-in-industry expertise.

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Writing Services That We Provide

Our company provides resume writing help in many areas, including:

  • Resume Writing
  • This is our core area of expertise. As a resume writing service, our job is to craft professional resumes. This service includes, mainly, writing resumes from scratch. To write a resume, customers need to provide some initial information and target job. This helps resume writers pick best-fit designs, formats, and content. The resume writing process takes 1-2 weeks, and customers are eligible for two revisions. Clients can also request one resume rewrite if a first resume didn't return a job call.

  • Resume Editing
  • This service is available for outdated and ATS-insensitive resumes. To get an effective resume, customers are asked to provide updated information for resume rewriting. This helps our professional resume writers include essential keywords to pass ATS scans and grab a recruiter's attention. Unlike resume proofreading, resume editing dives deeper into nitty-gritty design and content details necessary to make resumes more visible.

  • Resume Rewriting
  • This service is not quite resume editing. Instead, resume rewriting is a second hard look at a resume no longer viable to the current job marketplace. That's, we almost write an outdated or ineffective resume from scratch to fit in a new job market reality. As an online resume service, we provide a comprehensive resume writing offerings. So, in resume rewriting new information is critical to build an effective, marketplace-sensitive resume.

  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • To promote a job applicant's professional profile, LinkedIn page is essential. Initially, customers are asked to provide information about academics, professional experience, and interests. This helps our resume writers prepare professional profiles more effectively.

My name is Allen Cranston. I am an analyst and technical resume writer with the Resume That Works. I have worked in HR for over eight years. I decided to refocus to helping people land their dream jobs since I am an “insider” and know exactly what modern employers are looking for. To join resume writing services online, I had to undergo additional training and get NCRW certification. I love my job and would be happy to assist you with your resume! Leave you email to get a bonus:

Allen Cranston
Analyst and Resume Writer

Writing Services from Resume That Works Include

Sleek Design

ResumeThatWorks is built around design. Our modern, minimalist, and dynamic resume layout is professionally designed around written content. The applied designs account for different resume formats, including .doc, .docx, and PDF. This makes design an asset, not a liability, for ATS scans.


Our resume writers are genuine wordsmiths. Wording your resume is not just about grammatical and syntactic refining. In selecting words, our resume writers have an eye on industry parlance and ATS. Trained to spot industry trends, professional resume writers identify the essential skills and experiences. By paraphrasing an outdated resume or rewriting one from scratch, professional resume writers make wording resumes an art. This is a sure – and professional – path to best resume writing.

Assigned Resume Writer

Our resume services are personalized. Because every professional life is different, our resume writers are assigned on a one-on-one basis. Our resume writers listen very carefully to every customer to understand each customer's professional goals and career aspirations.

2-Business Day Turnaround

Your resume comes in guided phases. Meaning, you get several initial drafts in 2 business days. These initial drafts are ATS-vetted to ensure your resume passes algorithmic search.

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Achieve Your Goals with Our Resume Writing Service

At face value, looking for resume writing help is a waste of time and money. For many, having professional experience is enough. The reality is most professionals cannot simply write resumes. The main reason is that having experience in any industry doesn't mean you can simply describe yourself professionally. That's why professional resume writing is essential. There are, however, much more in professional resume writing services beyond self-description:

Best Professional Value
Think of resume writing as a premium service you get. In a standard service, you get only limited access to your chosen features. In premium service, you've got full access. So, hiring a professional resume writer enables you to get full access to the job market. Conversely, if you choose to use your own gut alone, you're not going far. Today, metrics, not guts, land you a job. Only experienced and professional resume writers have premium access to the job market in many industries.
Job Application Follow Up
Typically, most job applicants simply apply and wait. They leave all to luck. By hiring a resume writing professional, you guarantee insider advice about your application. That's, after applying, you get feedback on your application process for a minimum fee. Also, if you didn't receive a job call, you're entitled to a second written resume. The process of job application follow up cannot be found anywhere except in a professional resume writing online service.
Career Shifts
Often, job applicants are experienced professionals. They might, however, wish to switch jobs or make a whole career change. This is easier said than done. Spending many years in one industry makes many professionals blind to great potentials in many industries. So, hiring a professional writer from a top resume writing service makes perfect sense.
Job Market Entry
Strong beginnings matter. Often, new job market entrants accept the wrong jobs at first. Many switch jobs later while some are stuck for years, if not for a lifetime. Getting to know where you wet your feet in the job market is very important. Having a list of your coursework, internships, and courses is barely helpful. Instead, you need a professional resume writing service to get you started and guide you along.
Professional Development
If anything, resume writing is not just about polishing up your resume or landing you a job. You look for professional resume writers online to offer you insights, value, and advice. Often, job applicants might not be actively looking for a job. They might just want to test the current job market for a possible job or career change. The service such professionals are looking for fits more in a professional development category. The advice resume writers offer to such professionals amounts to a yardstick to test job market waters.
Best Employer Option
Often, job applicants have many employment options. The question of job application becomes one about who, not when. To do so, professional job applicants need to identify specific skills and experiences one or more best employers are looking for. This is something only best resume writing services like can provide.
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