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If you don’t know how to write an academic CV, then you have come to the right place. Resume That Works established a reputation in academic CV writing services through years of dedication and exceptional work. With a team of professional writers and discounts for all, there is no way you would ever need another academic CV writing service. So, place your order now and we will deliver before the deadline!
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Writing a cv for academic positions is very much different from writing a resume for a job. It takes skills, experience, and expertise to make sure that all things are in the right place at the right time. Resume That Works have a long-standing reputation for offering professional academic CV writing service to its clients so that they can secure a position of their choosing in any institution of their choice.
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Virtues That Help Us Deliver More To Our Clients

Academic CV writing services are already scrambling over the same clients. What makes our company stands apart is the sheer professionalism and care for our clients’ needs. Instead of these findings, the following are some of the advantages that we offer over other companies that are writing CVs for academic positions: Quick & Reliable Results - Starting From 24 Hours Academic CV Writing With Guaranteed Call Backs Revisions & Rewrites - Free of Charge Peace of Mind & Satisfaction - Guaranteed Lasting Relations With A Renowned Company

The top benefits of our service:

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    Certified professional resume authors;

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    Direct contact with the writers;

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    Discount packages available

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    Interview guarantee

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    24/7 customer support

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    48 hours delivery available

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    100% guarantee confidentiality

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    100% guarantee satisfaction

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    100% guarantee money back

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Professional academic CV writing service


They are native speakers;


They have undergone sufficient training;


Write plagiarism free papers;


We select writers according to the subject of an essay;


Produce unique and high-quality papers.

When seeking CV writing help, you need to be cautious of the service you choose. Some companies may not have your interests at heart. They are only after your money hence they may inform you they offer cheap services to lure you into working with them. Visit the websites of the various CV writing services and read the customer reviews. Find out what other clients have to say regarding them and make your selection based on your discovery. You can seek writing academic CV help from our service at affordable prices. Our prices are relatively cheaper and manageable. There are also discount packages available. So, do not worry about the costs you will incur.

How to write a CV for academic positions

In conclusion, writing a CV for academic positions is a challenging task for many people. This is because they do not know what to incorporate into their documents. However, this should not deter them from learning how to produce their CVs. You can seek help from writing CV for academic position services and get to submit a professionally written document. These services have professional writers who have expertise in the writing business thus know what is expected of them. So, whenever you encounter difficulties when writing a CV for an academic post, reach us at any time. We will be happy to help you. Our authors can also provide you with tips for writing an effective academic CV which you can use to produce a good document. Some of them include;


Length. An academic CV can take any length. This is because it consists all the relevant details about you and your experiences;


Structure. When writing your CV, always remember to place the most significant information at the top;


Consider the audience. Think carefully about the post you are applying for. Consider the people who will read your document and know what you will include in it;


Consult someone in your field. Seek feedback from someone in your field on how to structure your CV;


Fluency. Ensure your document has a smooth and consistent flow and that it is easy to read;


Revise. Your CV should exhibit your expertise. So, you need to ensure it is free from errors. Revise and edit your document once you finish writing.

Why Hire Our Professional Academic CV Writing Service

If we start counting the reasons why you should hire our academic CV writing services, this page would come out short. For the sake of reason, these attributes will suffice for prospects who still haven’t worked with us!  

Excellent Customer Support

We are proud of our customer support as it helps hundreds of customers each day, from onboarding to placing an order or any other technical issue. Whenever or wherever you want to connect with us, you will find our representatives ready for you.  

Guaranteed Interview Calls – Up To 180 Days

Academic CVs written by professionals are guaranteed to generate interview calls. We back our promises in the way that clients always win. For instance, if a client does not get a call for over six months on an academic CV written by us, we will write them a new one for free.    

Direct Messaging With Writers

After securing an order, we will establish a direct line of communication between clients and the writers assigned for their order. This saves a lot of time and hassle in terms of rewrites, edits, and so on. Clients can easily convey their input and get a product tailored to their needs.

Certified Professionals On The Job

Our team behind writing CVs for academic positions is highly skilled and equipped with all the right tools and equipment to make the best of the opportunity for clients. They rarely get any complaints. But if they do, they are prompt in resolution.     

100% Original & Unique Academic CVs

We start from scratch no matter the volume or number of orders. Starting from this, we always assure our clients that all of our academic CVs written by professionals are fully original and unique with no plagiarism.

A Walk Through Of Hiring Professional Academic CV Writing Service

Our academic CV examples are considered the best in business, not because of the core excellence, but for the whole picture. We have mastered the whole process of ordering, working, and then delivering the content in the best manner.   

Submit The Initial Order

Through a submission form, you can submit a proposal for writing an academic CV. Make sure you give as much relevant information as possible to help us understand your expectations better.     

Pay Through Convenient Mode

Resume That Works offer diverse modes of payment for clients for secure and hassle-free payments. As soon as you pay for your order, your task will be activated internally.

Here are the payment options:

  • VISA
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  • PayPal   

Receive Your Order Before The Deadline

We promise to deliver finished products before the deadline. This is what makes us tower over other academic CV writing services. Once your order is finished, we will let you know so you can receive and go through the CV composed by our professional writers.

If you ever find something lacking in our academic CV writing services, we would be honored to resolve any issue for you!

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