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We have resume writers for hire who are adept at translating and presenting your skills, experience, and qualifications to recruiters in the most impressive way. Companies that hire resume writers understand the worth of our team as it outshines other resume writing services. So, if you are ready to take your career to the next level, we will be your trusted partner!
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Aspirants with even amazing academic qualifications and experience struggle with securing a job. One of the reasons behind temporary setbacks is to have poor representation due to subpar resumes and CVs. Resume That Works tend to rectify the situation with the best high-end resume writers. They understand the needs and demands of both clients and the employers - so they always hit the nail on the head. For a quick order on resume writing services in 24 hours, honor us and we will deliver on time.
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24 hours deadline available!
Professional Resume Writing from $95
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100% original & professional or 100% money back!
60 days interview guarantee!
Resume, CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile Update and much more!

Why Choose Our 24-Hour Resume Writers

Because we are proud of our reputation and the rich legacy of helping professionals secure their dream jobs. We always have the best services and offer value and client satisfaction above all else. There are other enterprises, and companies that hire resume writers, but they fail to give a solid experience to clients. We keep every aspect of clients’ experience in mind before designing and devising a policy. That’s why you will find us among the top search results whenever you search online for “certified professional resume writers near me”. To book your order for 24-hour resume writers, click on the “Order Now” button. Complete the order submission and we will take care of the rest. Following are some of the attributes that help us help clients in the best way: An exceptional team of resume writers takes up and completes orders in the least possible time. With extensive experience, they rarely make a serious mistake or error Direct line of communication between clients and the writer means time-saving regarding expectations and input on both sides A friendly customer support team that is always available for you - whether it is holidays, festivals, weekends, etc. Competitive pricing lets us stand apart from the rest of the companies operating in the same domain Client satisfaction is above everything else. Our whole management takes great pains in making the whole process of submission of the order to receiving a world-class final product a breeze for our esteemed clients There is not a trace of plagiarism or template on our finished products. All writers follow strict quality procedures to make sure deliverables are of the highest quality. Still, if anything slips through the cracks and ends up in your inbox that is subpar in quality, we will reimburse you with a refund Clients who are in a hurry can always avail of our quick delivery options with professional resumes written in under 24 hours!

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Certified Professional Writer (CPRW);


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Nationally Certified Writer (NCRW).

Also, consider the years of experience of the writer. This is important because you want your purchase of a writing service to be worth it. Lastly and optionally, you may also want to look whether a writer has been awarded recognition on writing awards (such as TORI Awards). Fortunately for your, our writers hold globally-recognized licenses in writing.

Top Benefits of Hiring a Professional Writer for Your Resume

Many applicants lose their chance in a job application because of unknowingly committing mistakes. You may not want to lose your chance again. In line with this, a professional writer can help you polish your CV because they have intensive knowledge on hiring practices based on various HR considerations. Also, they continuously train in order to update their skills on the advanced online writing techniques to get a resume through a company’s ATS. Once you hire a writer CV our pool of excellent professional writers, you are assured of direct contact with that writer. You can even consult our writer on how you should present yourself for a job interview. We offer discount packages on our services. Our 24/7 customer support assures you of 48-hour delivery of your order. We guarantee 100% confidentiality, 100% satisfaction, and 100% money back!

Top Benefits of Hiring a Professional Writer for Your Resume


Why You Should Look For A Resume Writer for Hire In this age where job applications are mostly done online, your resume serves as a basis on the first impressions your target employer will have about you. Writing in itself is a highly technical skill. A CV is not simply a list indicating details about your professional career. It has to tell a “story” which should be interesting and captivating enough to get you a callback. Writers study the disciplines of writing resumes and compliance with internal ATS of your target company intensively. If you want to land a job in your dream company, you should hire a high-quality writer.


We are an Affordable Resume Service Looking to order a resume writing service? As you might be aware by now about the high technical demands for a winning CV, how much should you expect a CV would cost? By natural standards, cost increases with quality. Typically, $100 would be a small investment for your CV which would only look very generic in the end. On the other hand, industry average rates for professionally written CVs would range from $500 to $1,000 or more. Fortunately for you, we have very affordable rates to produce an excellent work for you. We write professional resumes that help our customers double their income$! 25 000+ resumes and CV’s written! Over 15 000 desired jobs scored!

Why Companies That Hire Full-Time Resume Writers Are Better Off

As a market-leading name in the business of professional resume writing and other related services, we ensure that it is best to have a full-time, in-house team of resume writers. It allows the following advantages:

  • Strict Quality Checks – it is hard for companies to maintain certain quality standards with an outsourced freelance team  
  • Quick Results – in case of emergency orders, it is hard to get outsourced freelance resume writers  
  • Confidentiality – is bread and butter as our clients cherish our strict adherence to the best practices in data collection, processing, and storage. This is not possible with a team over which a company has no control    

Hire Professional Resume Writer & Take Your Career To The Next Level

Have you ever wondered: “What makes a candidate stand out in the race for a high-paying job?” Many determinants for shortlisting and ultimate selection are the same in all applicants, except for a resume. A well-researched and superbly crafted resume can make a professional irresistible for hiring managers or recruiters. Resume That Works has a team of highly skilled resume writers with extensive experience and modern industry expertise. They excel in showcasing the merits of the aspirants to potential employers.

So, place your order now and reap excellent deals and discounts!

Professional Resume Writer Services At Your Fingertips

It is a hassle to find a reliable resume writer and then hire him for the obvious task. There are many factors that come into play, including experience, tools, track record, and so on. When you have a company with a team of full-time professional resume writers, you can easily skip through the queue and get noticed by HR professionals across industries.

Our company believes in providing such services where a resume is not just a piece of paper with credentials, but a calling card, a portfolio that can help our customers make the best of their potential and capabilities. Want to see what you can get for under $100? place your order today and beat the odds!

Advantages of Hiring Resume Writers @ Resume That Works

When it comes to the best resume writing companies across the internet, they need to have a combination of certain virtues and qualities. From day one, we have maintained the highest level of professionalism and support for our clients. That’s why we receive a lot of business through referrals and recommendations. 

  • One-Day Delivery Options

Say, you saw an advertisement for a role that was a perfect fit for your career. You knew that in your heart but you could not show it to the recruiter unless you had a solid resume. Now, the deadline is approaching fast and you are scrambling to get a respite. Fret not! We offer one-day delivery options where you can have a custom resume within a day. You might have to pay a little extra but the quality of the product will not be compromised at all.

  • Dedicated Resume Writers Starting Under $100

Professionals who are looking for a job are often tight on money. This is not only understandable by our company, but we appreciate their grit and offer competitive pricing. Compared to other brands, entry-level resumes start from around $150 or so. But we offer the best resumes without breaking the $100 limit. This is what happens when you combine professionals with dedicated writers.

  • Full-Time Customer Support

How many times have you faced problems with signing up for a website? Was it always easier to avail of deals and discounts? If the answer to these questions was yes, you are not alone at all. Even though our website is built on the best platforms with extensive technical support, we have a customer support team on standby, all the time. This way, you can connect with professionals and steer through issues without any delay.

  • Free of Cost Revisions & Rewrites

If you are thinking that all the money is down the drain in case you did not like the finished resume, you are clearly mistaken. Also, if you have other ideas after receiving the finished product and now want to incorporate changes in the resume, there is no need to panic. Our company offers free revisions and rewrites for a month. So, you can collaborate with our resume writers to tweak and fine-tune your resume.

  • Guaranteed Interviews Under 60 Days

We do not step away from our work even when we have delivered it. Our guarantee is valid for 60 days when it comes to feedback and interview calls from recruiters. For instance, if you have not received any interview call after 60 days of receiving after custom resume, which is highly unlikely, we will reimburse the full amount or write you a new resume from scratch – without any fee at all!

  • Diverse Range of Products & Services

Resumes are not the only thing that recruiters ask for when they need to shortlist professionals for a given position. This is now happening across industries. The additional documents and testimonials include cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and so on. So, now you need multiple documents for your recruitment, you do not need to seek out another company to get you across the finish line. Your trusted partner has covered all the bases for you.

Why Resume That Works Is Your Best Bet

Many prospects still feel on the fence when they think about the reasons for choosing our company over any other. We have given them many reasons to get on our side but still many believe that they are better off with another professional resume writing service.

If that is the case, we are taking three very important things to the table that are very hard to find in other companies.

  • Ease of Access

From getting onboard to connecting with a representative for the resolution of an issue, everything is run and built around ease of access for our customers. In a way, everything we do is about customer experience. So, the moment you get started with our company, you will feel empowered and have a grip on the pulse. This is what makes us unique and a solid contender for your business.

  • Professionalism Through & Through

Professionalism is another term that is often tossed around in marketing and other branding phrases, but hardly a handful of companies stick to its principles. We showcase our professionalism by offering prompt solutions to the problems that our clients face, keeping their data secure, and ensuring that they can always expect and receive excellent resume writing services from us.

  • Competitive Pricing

Resumes are not cheap to get by. Many factors can jack up the prices. In many urgent orders with other companies, quality is the first thing that takes a hit. Then, customers feel cheated and the relationship between them is compromised. That’s why we have the highest standards for the quality and integrity of the art and our services. All of this is still under competitive pricing and deals and discounts are on top of that!

Our Diverse Range of Products & Services

As mentioned in the previous section, we understand the changing demands of recruiters and try to stay one step ahead for the sake of our customers. There is no denying that old-fashioned resumes are still going strong, they are complemented by cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and more. So, instead of looking for a new company to get the additional documents, you can place your order at Resume That Works and we will get it covered.

  • Professional Resume

This is what we are known and famous for. Whether you are a young graduate or a seasoned professional, recently discharged from your military career and looking for a civilian role, or changing career streams, we have got everything covered for you.

  • Cover Letters

A cover letter usually sheds light on the same things that are only mentioned in the resume, but they can add more value to the overall proposition. A well-researched resume takes more time and effort than a resume but we can deliver it on time along with your resume.

LinkedIn Profile Creation & Optimization

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with professionals and explore opportunities in top companies. Many recruiters rely on the LinkedIn profiles of professionals to shortlist them for an interview. Since you are not a master in that either, you can place an order at our company and we will create and optimize your profile for you.

Bundle Services & Products For Massive Discounts

Say, you are looking for a resume, a cover letter, and an optimized LinkedIn profile for a job application. You go through the price calculator on our website and individually added all the prices. This can put a dent in your pocket. To save big on such big orders, we have created a bundle offer that can help you with getting all the necessary products and services in one bundle. All you need to do is connect with our customer support team before placing the order and they will whip out a custom quotation for you.

So, save big and earn big on your next bundle!

Avail Massive Discounts By Placing Your Order With Our 24-Hour Resume Writers!

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Affordable and reliable service. Having customer support 24/7 and writing such a professional resume for me.
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