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Whenever you are thinking to hire someone to write a resume for your next job search spree or your one dream job, it is best to go with the pros. Resume That Works have a team of professional resume writers with years of experience and market expertise. Pay for professional resume writing online and take your career to new heights. Contact us today and enjoy exclusive discounts!
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Professional resume-building services are hard to find. And when someone does succeed in nailing down one, it would often cost too much. Pay for resume help online makes sense when the price is just right and the services are on point. Resume That Works does not need any introduction when clients need to pay professional resume. From the first day of our operations, we have managed to help professionals secure their dream jobs in Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Tesla, Apple, Alphabet, etc. Our professional resume writers know how to amplify your virtues and how to fill gaps with impeccable hands.
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Many companies claim to be the best when clients pay for resumes online but they do not make the onboarding process seamless. It means it becomes a headache for clients to get around placing an order or keeping tabs on one that is in progress. Not only our onboarding process is simple, but we have also highlighted all the major steps here to help you cruise through them.

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    Finish the Submission Form Either find a nearby “Order Now” button or go to the homepage and sign up. Then, order your first professional resume through the submission form. It will ask for necessary information. Just in case, we will send you a questionnaire to fill in all the details to better understand what is expected from us.

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    Pay For Resume Online Resume That Works do not deduct any hidden fees or service charges after customers place an order. Our transparent policies and practices make us the best choice. So, pay for the best resume writing services via PayPal to proceed further.

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    Download Your Resume Once your order is finished, we will prompt you to download your resume from the portal securely. Check all the key variables and ask for revision or rewrites to make it better.

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Pricing For Top Rated Resume Writing Service

Since requirements and eligibility criteria are different for different positions, depending on different backgrounds. Resume That Works have a structured policy in place to ensure that clients get what they ask for and then some more. Following is a pricing table according to the professional level of the clients.


Entry Level Starting at $47.50, the entry-level resumes cover academic qualifications, soft skills, activities, and so on.


Military Level Starting at $52.25, military to civilian resume writing requires translating military skills and experience in such a way that it makes sense and value for civilian enterprises. It includes academic education, training, vocations, experience, and duties.


Federal Level Starting at $57.00, this all-inclusive federal-level resume will cover all the necessary information in such a way that it will make you stand out for federal-level jobs.


Career Change Level Starting at $57.00, a career change level resume makes the case for the candidate by connecting his previous experience and expertise with the new job he is seeking. Pay for our top-rated resume writing service and you will never have to worry about being left behind.


Professional Level Starting at $61.75, it is a testament to your skills and abilities that make you an ideal candidate for the jobs that require leadership skills, conflict resolution, quick thinking and actions, and so on. We provide a 6-months guarantee on interview calls for our well-crafted resumes.


Executive Level Starting at $61.75, this is the ultimate position that candidates dream of. The resume that we fashion for you will show concrete facts and figures to make the case for your suitability, including strategic goal achievements, revenue boosts, financial streamlining, and so on.

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Here are the top reasons why using Resume That Works will be worth your investment and set you apart from your competitors:

Looks are Important. Your potential employer can tell a lot about you by the looks of your resume. Professional resumes have a neat and polished appearance that is error-free and exhibits your most important information.

Highlighting Your Value. At times, you may downplay or undermine what you have done in previous jobs. You might think that what you did is normal and has no special value. When you pay to have resume done, professional writers will solicit the vital details of your job history to craft a compelling document that depicts your previous and future value to an organization.

Save Your Time. We have heard of hundreds of job seekers who spend endless hours tweaking their resumes. Instead of slowing down your job search and pushing back the start date of a new job, pay to write a resume and get a top-quality resume within a reasonable deadline.

Work with a Professional. Not everyone is comfortable when it comes to discussing career uncertainties with friends or family. It is refreshing to partner with a skilled writer who does not judge you but understands the challenges you are facing. It is also fortunate to work with someone who can advise you on how to approach your professional endeavors. That is what you get when you seek help from a professional writer. Having a professional writer compose your resume will increase your odds at securing that much-desired job.

Do Not Do Everything on Your Own. We cannot all be our own mechanic, teacher, doctor, plumber, or electrician. In like manner, we cannot all draft our own resumes. You cannot be a professional at something you do once per year. You cannot have the skill required to write a compelling document. Let the professionals who handle resumes throughout the year work on your own resume.

Avoid Sloppy Errors. Grammatical errors are not taken well by employers. Even though one error will not significantly impact your chances of securing a job, it may sabotage your resume. But, when you say, “can I pay someone to do my resume?” you will not have to worry about spelling and grammar mistakes. Rather, your document will be proofread and edited, and you can submit a resume without any embarrassing errors.

A Perfect Product. It is no secret. We are great at resume writing. We can draft stellar resumes, we are brilliant wordsmiths, we use the latest formats, and all our resumes get results. We strive to satisfy all our clients by delivering perfect resumes. We never compromise on quality.

Jassie W.
You wrote a resume that presents me so well! I now have a resume that I will keep on improving till the rest of my career. Well done!
Kate Y.
I got my interview with Microsoft and they were very impressed, I passed all 3 interview stages and your resume was the starting point and the foundation.
John P.
Affordable and reliable service. Having customer support 24/7 and writing such a professional resume for me.
Luckas V.
Resume is fantastic. I got a job offer mostly because of your resume. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.
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I got an amazing resume. It looks and feels very Premium and Professional. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!