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Have you been searching for a job but have not had any luck thus far? Well, it could be because you are paying inexperienced writers to write your resumes. Pay for professional resume at ResumeThatWorks and see a change in your luck. Our skilled resume writers are adept in producing high-quality resumes. You will get a professional and polished resume that will effectively represent your background and capture the attention of your potential employer. Our writers have been in the writing market for decades. When you pay for resume services at ResumeThatWorks, you will receive a resume drafted by a writer who knows what employers are seeking when they are going through resumes. Professional writers can format your resume in a manner that is easy to read. Further, when you say, “I want to pay someone to write my resume,” be prepared to receive a resume that will impress even the strictest employers.
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Ordering Process: Pay ResumeThatWorks to Write My Resume

Getting our proficient writers to draft you a powerful resume is not a complicated process. All you need to do is follow three simple steps. These are:

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    Fill out the Order Form: Go to our website and access the order page. Specify that you need a resume, as well as a cover letter. Ensure that you fill in all the suggested fields. After filling out the order form, proceed to the next step – payment.

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    Make a Secure Payment: When you pay for resume, we ensure that your payment is secure and confidential. We do not share your personal details with any third parties, and there are no hidden costs for our services. All payments are fixed, and we guarantee that you will receive the service you requested from us. We also provide a money-back guarantee option.

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    Download Your Resume: After the writer is done writing, proofreading, and editing your resume, we will send you a text notifying you that your resume is ready for you to download. Download it and go through it to see if you need any alterations or revisions. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your resume, you can ask your writer to revise it within 14-30 days.

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How Much to Pay for Resume Writing

To join the employment industry, you need to submit an outstanding CV that showcases not only your skills but also your education and abilities. However, the competition is stiff as applicants from different walks of life are looking to land their dream jobs. So, to help increase your chances of securing an interview and possibly getting the post, you need to find an expert and pay to have resume done. Doing so will benefit your career path. Additionally, it will not cost you much. Below is a summary of how much it will cost you to have your CV written by specialists from our resume writing service:


Entry level will cost $47.5 An entry level resume is a document that highlights your academic background, soft skills, achievements, as well as activities when you do not have any work experiences. This type of CV will pinpoint the skills you have gained so far ad show your recruiter your desire to learn.


Military level will cost $52.25 A military resume is a specialized CV that you draft as a veteran and describe your military experience in terms non-military hiring staff can easily comprehend. This type of document encompasses a list of your duties and experiences, relevant education and training you have received, accomplishments, and your soft skills.


Federal level will cost $57 As the name suggests, a federal resume is a complete and all-inclusive document that individuals use when applying for jobs within federal governments. This type of document is tailored for federal employers and human resources staff. Similar to traditional resumes, a federal CV incorporates your details, particular hiring authorities, job title, job announcement number, and job grade.


Career change level will cost $57 After getting employed, you are bound to change careers as time goes by. When looking for a new job, you will need to submit a fresh and revamped resume that complies with your new job requirements. When drafting one, you need to tell the story of your handy skills to a potential employer and elucidate how relevant and applicable your qualifications from your previous career are. A career change resume may involve a lot of work. And, if you are not good at showing your transferrable skills to a potential recruiter, hire our expert and let us write a resume for you.


Professional level will cost $61.75 A professional resume is a CV that ought to validate the skills and abilities you have acquired. Additionally, it should concentrate on pragmatic skills that will help you muddle through new responsibilities. To warranty that your document stands out, you should strengthen the exclusive capabilities that will enable you to overcome any challenges regardless of the setting.


Executive level will cost $61.75 An executive CV is a document that highlights all the tangible factors, for instance, strategic goals achieved, relevant financial metrics - revenue increased, cost and time saved, and managed budgets, as well as the scope of work - profit and loss value and the number of locations managed. With the above prices, you need not worry about anything when you look for pay for resume help. The prices mentioned above are for resumes with a 10-days deadline. Resumes that have shorter deadlines may cost a bit higher. Nonetheless, you need not worry about anything as all the prices can be calculated on the order page.

Why it is Good to Pay for Professional Resume

Here are the top reasons why using Resume That Works will be worth your investment and set you apart from your competitors:

Looks are Important. Your potential employer can tell a lot about you by the looks of your resume. Professional resumes have a neat and polished appearance that is error-free and exhibits your most important information.

Highlighting Your Value. At times, you may downplay or undermine what you have done in previous jobs. You might think that what you did is normal and has no special value. When you pay to have resume done, professional writers will solicit the vital details of your job history to craft a compelling document that depicts your previous and future value to an organization.

Save Your Time. We have heard of hundreds of job seekers who spend endless hours tweaking their resumes. Instead of slowing down your job search and pushing back the start date of a new job, pay to write a resume and get a top-quality resume within a reasonable deadline.

Work with a Professional. Not everyone is comfortable when it comes to discussing career uncertainties with friends or family. It is refreshing to partner with a skilled writer who does not judge you but understands the challenges you are facing. It is also fortunate to work with someone who can advise you on how to approach your professional endeavors. That is what you get when you seek help from a professional writer. Having a professional writer compose your resume will increase your odds at securing that much-desired job.

Do Not Do Everything on Your Own. We cannot all be our own mechanic, teacher, doctor, plumber, or electrician. In like manner, we cannot all draft our own resumes. You cannot be a professional at something you do once per year. You cannot have the skill required to write a compelling document. Let the professionals who handle resumes throughout the year work on your own resume.

Avoid Sloppy Errors. Grammatical errors are not taken well by employers. Even though one error will not significantly impact your chances of securing a job, it may sabotage your resume. But, when you say, “can I pay someone to do my resume?” you will not have to worry about spelling and grammar mistakes. Rather, your document will be proofread and edited, and you can submit a resume without any embarrassing errors.

A Perfect Product. It is no secret. We are great at resume writing. We can draft stellar resumes, we are brilliant wordsmiths, we use the latest formats, and all our resumes get results. We strive to satisfy all our clients by delivering perfect resumes. We never compromise on quality.

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