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LinkedIn has been gaining a lot of traction in the last couple of years. Recruiters and hiring managers often go through LinkedIn profiles and pages of potential employees before asking them for an interview. That’s why it is necessary to have a professional LinkedIn resume writing service in your corner. Resume That Works is a leading brand for LinkedIn resume services for freshers and experienced professionals. Through writers who are well-versed in trend-setting practices and algorithms of the platform, we will make sure that your LinkedIn profile garners visibility and engagement from potential employers across the globe. So, if you are waiting for a dream role opening or a resume applying frenzy, contact us today and we will create or optimize your LinkedIn profile in hours!
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Superb LinkedIn Profile For Job Seekers

There is no denying that traditional resumes and CVs have become a thing of the past. Lately hiring managers and human resource departments at large are seeking more dynamic and multi-tier sources to gauge the eligibility of a candidate for a specific role. This is where a LinkedIn resume or LinkedIn profile comes into the picture! The platform is already housing millions of active users that are predominantly professionals, students, employers, and other highly qualified individuals in their own right. Even if a person is not looking actively for a job, it pays to have a solid LinkedIn profile. Resume That Works is a premium company that offers the best LinkedIn resume writing services to its clients. Our panel consists of highly skilled and trained professionals with years of experience and expertise in dealing with all the variables. Once you place your order, we will see to it that you have an eye-catching LinkedIn resume in hours. So, contact us now and take your career to new heights!
Benefits Of Hiring The Best LinkedIn Resume Writing Services
24-Hour Resume Help Available
100% Confidential & Secure Transactions
Original & Unique Executive Resume
24/7 Customer Support
No Charge On Revisions & Rewrites
2 Months Guarantee on Interviews
Resume, CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile Update and much more!

Our LinkedIn Resume Builder Offers Satisfactory Results In Hours

There are other companies in the business that offer LinkedIn resume writing services to their clients. They may have a dedicated staff of writers and a management team but they lack a solid turnaround time for deliveries. Resume That Works one-up the competition by offering world-class services in record time. For instance, we take around 48 hours to create a resume from scratch for professionals with experience or young professionals right out of college. For a LinkedIn resume, we offer the best industry time in terms of delivery and quality. The best thing about our company is that we even provide deals and discounts on our already affordable LinkedIn resume writing services. So, if you are thinking about your next role in a dream company or gearing up for a fresh resume-dropping rampage, feel free to give us a call!

Why Choose Resume That Works For LinkedIn Resume Creation

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    Effective LinkedIn Resume Building A LinkedIn resume is often sought out by hiring managers as they try to gauge the acumen and prowess of aspirants concerning the role. That’s the main reason that it should be in the best condition because it is the first and formal introduction between hiring managers and candidates. Our company takes its claims and promises very seriously. Since our inception, we have managed to stay ahead of the curve in terms of quality LinkedIn resume build. Our resume creators make sure that all the bases are covered when it comes to your profile, including but not limited to academic qualifications, work experience, special skills, and other contributions to the field through written and multimedia.

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    Vast Range of Services Even though a LinkedIn resume has quickly become a default resume for many industries, especially tech, fintech, IoT, and so on, other documents are used by hiring managers to shortlist candidates for a role accordingly. These include traditional resumes, CVs, cover letters, recommendation letters, reference letters, and so on. Resume That Works takes immense pride in offering the best and most effective range of services and products that can help them in selection for a job. We have dedicated teams for each task according to the industry. As a cherry on top, we have assorted bundles and packages with maximum value and less hassle. So, place your relevant bundle today and save big on money and time!

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    Unbeatable Pricing Across All Products Quality and pricing often go hand in hand. It is a given in many cases that a quality product or service cannot come at competitive pricing. Exceptions can be made and Resume That Works is a glaring one that cannot be ignored by both our competitors and prospects. Whenever you hire us for a LinkedIn resume writing service, you will find that we demand the most competitive, even nominal, pricing for our services and products. Since we have mastered and automated administrative tasks resulting in much money saved due to low overhead costs, we share the rewards with our clients by keeping our pricing at the bare minimum.

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The Top Benefits of Our Senior LinkedIn Resume Writing Services


Certified professional resume writers


24/7 customer support


Interview guarantee


48 hours delivery available


Plagiarism Free


Curated Packages For Our Esteemed Clients


Direct contact with writers


100% Guarantee confidentiality


100% Guarantee satisfaction


100% Guarantee money back

Your Personal Information - Our Obligation

With the rise of technological innovation and people’s dependence on the internet for getting the essentials and otherwise, there is a real uptick in cybercrimes and other related activities. This has made the general public shy about connecting with service providers over the internet and sharing meaningful personal information, even for better delivery. Resume That Works is completely aware of the situation and has installed all the preventive and proactive measures to keep our clients’ identities safe and sound. Here are some of the measures we have put in place. We follow all the best practices and conventions regarding data protection and privacy We have chalked out and explained our Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy Our Data Protection Policy (DPO) is a full-time position with complete control over compliance issues Clients own their data and if they want their data to be removed from our database, all they need to do is send out a formal email and we will get to it

Perks & Benefits Our Clients Can Enjoy With World-Class LinkedIn Resume Services

The range and reach of services are some of the most fundamental metrics that a customer looks for in a prospective company. The same analysis is done by our clients when they go through our services and bundled packages and decide for themselves. 

One thing is crystal clear about business practices, we do not hide anything and keep all things in the open to help prospects decide for themselves. 

In return, they know the real Resume That Works and never go to any other LinkedIn resume writing company because of the company’s perks.

Here is a bird’s eye view of the perks and benefits that our clients enjoy.   

Native & Highly Trained LinkedIn Resume Builders

For a dedicated LinkedIn resume-building company, it is a complete no-brainer that they should have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals. We check this box from the beginning and hire only the best talent out there.

First, our selection and recruitment process is very stringent and consists of multiple interviews and assignments. Then, we check the writers with pre-induction training and equip them with the necessary tools and faculties to get them up to speed. We also give them plenty of examples and tests to train them in how our clients prefer their LinkedIn resumes.

It is hard to find a company that cares so much about the input!  

24/7 Customer Support At Your Service

Online LinkedIn resume writing services often come up short in this segment too. There is always some room for things to go wrong. In the case of Resume That Works, we receive constant calls, messages, and emails from clients when they have a hard time onboarding or availing of a discount.

Instead of relying on automated messages and bots, we have a full-time dedicated customer support service that is available 24/7. whether it is a holiday or a weekend, day or night, you will always find them proactive as if they are just around the corner for you.  

Guaranteed Interviews & Engagement

We stand behind our claims and guarantees of excellence, unlike other companies that stand aside after delivering a subpar product. This is the main reason our LinkedIn resume writing services are trusted by thousands of professionals.

We have multiple proofing and quality assurance measures to keep the integrity of LinkedIn resumes at the highest. Still, if you cannot get an interview call or any engagement from any employer in six months, we will write a new one for you – no charge!    

Plagiarism Free Content

Instead of copying other professionals and copying their profile content, Resume That Works has a different approach to this process. Our writers start from scratch and do research intensively and make sure that the true picture of a client’s potential and virtue can be painted in a LinkedIn resume.

For us, quality services are a matter of life and death. That’s why we guarantee the originality of the content. So, if you ever detect plagiarism in our work, we will refund the full amount as a token of apology. FYI: it has never happened!  

Hotline With Assigned Writer

Although we offer free revisions and rewrites on our LinkedIn resume writing services, as with our other services, we make sure that it never comes to that. To have the most seamless and frictionless experience, we devise a direct line of communication between the assigned writer and the corresponding client.

They can collaborate on the work in progress and the constant exchange of communication helps both parties in aligning and materializing expectations and demands. In turn, there are fewer and fewer cases of revisions and rewrites resulting in a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients. 

Confidential & Secure Services

Resume That Works takes great pains in keeping its brand name and reputation squeaky clean. The best thing is that our excellence is not limited to our LinkedIn resume writing, cover letters, recommendation letters, and other related services.

A big part of our infrastructure is dedicated to keeping the personal information of our clients safe. Just like on other services, we can ensure our clients that their personal information will always be away from prying eyes or people with malicious intent.    

Curated Bundles & Value Packages For All

Apart from winning LinkedIn resume writing services, Resume That Works is a leading company for traditional resume writing, cover letters, recommendation and reference letters, and so on.

Instead of making our clients order each one of them separately, we have made curated bundles and packages with maximum value and less hassle. There is any combination of services bundled together.

Following are some of the most popular bundles and packages.

  • Resume Writing + Cover Letter Writing
  • Resume Writing + Cover Letter Writing + LinkedIn Profile Building
  • Resume Rewriting, Editing + Cover Letter Rewriting, Editing
  • LinkedIn Resume Optimization + Optimizations

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I got my interview with Microsoft and they were very impressed, I passed all 3 interview stages and your resume was the starting point and the foundation.