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Military veterans and former officers play a vital role in modern industries after getting discharged from their combative roles. The main hurdle in their fully adopting the new normal is highlighting their worth and showcasing the skills and experience they have gained during their military years. Resume That Works is a premier military transition resume writing service. We understand the needs and desires of our clients and make sure that their virtues are aptly translated from a military role to the civilian one. Our team of exceptional resume writers is equipped with the right tools and experience to make the best of your time and money. In the end, we will be your worthy partner in securing a lucrative job through our military transition resume writing services. So, feel free to place your order anytime and we will get started right away!
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Military personnel needs proper recognition and representation for civilian roles after doing their military service. There are many ways that they can employ the opportunity to have a military transition resume from professional resume writing services. They have all the tools, expertise, and experience to translate their experience and experience from military service for the benefit of civilian employers. Our company is a trusted brand in this domain as we offer world-class services to military veterans. Our dedicated writers have years of training and have access to all the relevant tools to carve out a winning military transition resume for our clients. The stand-out feature of Resume That Works is that we offer world-class resume writing services to clients without putting a dent in their pockets. So, if you are planning to join civil ranks and looking forward to a smooth transition, feel free to place your order now and get exceptional discounts!
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We do not claim to be the only military transition resume writing services in the world but we claim to be the best in the game. There are many ways our services and operations are superior to our competitors. The most prominent thing that sets us apart is our reliance on highly skilled resume writers to provide quick results. We have a very popular format where our clients pay top dollars to have quick military transition resumes in 24 hours! Yes, this is not a mere claim or a hollow promise. We deliver on our commitments. The quality and effectiveness of that resume will ever be top-notch and have all the perks and benefits of regular orders. As promised, each resume is written from scratch and then proofed by quality assurance professionals to make sure there are no inconsistencies or errors in the resume. So, for a quick quote on your emergency military transition resume, connect with us right away by submitting your custom order!

Why Choose Resume That Works For Exemplary Military Transition Resume

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    Effective Military Resume Examples Military personnel goes through a rough patch when they transition from military to civilian roles. The most effective tool that they can employ to speed up the transition process is having a solid resume by their side. A solid resume can be the ice breaker between a veteran and a hiring manager. Our military transition resumes are written with the rationale to improve the odds of interview calls and engagement for our clients. That’s why we even have a guarantee on the effectiveness of our resumes.

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    Vast Range of Services A military transition resume is not the only thing that our clients rely on us when it comes to securing jobs in the civilian sector. It is because hiring managers these days do not only rely on static traditional resumes but also demand other supporting documents to gauge the eligibility of the candidates. So, Resume That Works offers a diverse range of services to its clients to make sure they only have to pay once and only a single company that they can trust to be the best in business. Our products include military transition resumes, cover letters, recommendation letters, reference letters, and so on. We also have value-added bundles to save time and money for a more seamless customer experience.

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    Unbeatable Pricing Across All Products Another stand-out feature of our company is the pricing. Since our inception, we have managed to stay ahead of the market in terms of pricing and the value that we offer against each service. Our administrative and financial processes and operations are automated which saves us a lot in overhead costs. We share that benefit with our clients by offering them world-class services at a price that is a bargain. So, if you need a military transition resume along with a cover letter or any other service, we will be honored to oblige you!

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Your Personal Information - Our Obligation

With the rising index of cybercrimes, we understand clients’ frustration to order online services. In the light of these developments, we have beefed up our already adequate personal information and data handling policy. Now, our clients can order military transition resumes, cover letters, recommendation letters as well as LinkedIn profile edits without worrying about any breach of their privacy ever. Resume That Works is a partner of many cybersecurity firms and follows all the regional and international conventions regarding the fair usage of data.

Curated Bundles & Value Packages For All


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Resume Writing + Cover Letter Writing + LinkedIn Profile Building


Resume Rewriting, Editing + Cover Letter Rewriting, Editing


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Perks & Benefits Our Clients Can Enjoy With World-Class Military Transition Resumes

Today customers are always conscious about who they are dealing with and what they are getting out of a deal. We appreciate the rationality and help our clients understand us better by being transparent and steadfast.

Our services come from a pool of highly talented and extremely trained professionals. We stand by each of our claims and promises and make sure that you will always have the best overall experience, from onboarding to receiving the finished product in your inbox.

In the continuation of that spirit, here are some of the landmarks that set us apart from the rest of the competition.   

Native & Highly Trained Resume Writers

We manage a team of a highly skilled and trained team of professional writers with years of experience and expertise in dealing with all the variables related to military transition resumes.

We furnish them with the best practices and provide them with all the necessary tools that can help them in researching, writing, and editing resumes with precision and finesse. In addition to this, each new writer has to go through multiple interviews and assignments to make sure that they are the right fit for the job. With native resume writers at your service, you will get quick jabs at interviews and hopefully ace them.   

24/7 Customer Support At Your Service

We believe to provide the best military transition resumes to our clients and it does not start with a solid team of resume writers. To make sure that all bases are covered, we have a team of dedicated customer service departments that is available 24/7 across the year.

They are available to resolve any issue or grievance that our clients face. From onboarding to submitting a proposal to receiving the finished product, you are welcome to connect with the customer support team anytime.

Also, if you want to avail a discount or deal, they are the ones that can hook you up instantly.          

Guaranteed Interviews & Engagement

Our military transition resumes have been effective since we started writing them. They have been able to get high-paying and lucrative jobs for our clients.

That’s why we offer a six-month guarantee on our written resumes. If you do not get any interview call or engagement from a hiring manager on our resume, we will make sure that you have a new one free of cost. 

As a general rule, our clients get the job of their dreams within weeks after sending out the resumes written by our exceptional writers.   

Hotline With Assigned Writer

Instead of relying on sporadic communication between clients and representatives, we offer a direct line of communication through chatting software between our clients and writers. This helps both parties as it cuts down delivery time efficiently and helps us deliver a product that is more aligned with their needs and expectations.

Still, revisions and rewrites are free. So, if our clients find that the written resume has some inconsistencies or errors, they are more than welcome to connect with us and we will resolve their issue as soon as possible.    

Confidential & Secure Services

We revere our clients for choosing us over hundreds of other companies. In return, we provide the best world-class military transition resume writing services that check all the boxes, even in terms of cybersecurity and personal data handling.

Our stringent guidelines and policies regarding the collection, processing and usage of clients’ data make us the best company to deal with. 

100% Money Back Guarantee On Uniqueness & Quality

Resume That Works never compromises on its reputation, especially in customer welfare and creative endeavors. We employ the best resume writers and make sure that they have all the necessary resources to compose a well-researched military transition resume that can bring results.

Our guarantee of uniqueness and quality of content stands to the end of time. If you ever find that our resume is not up to the mark, we will be glad to refund your money in case of plagiarism, blatant errors, and inconsistencies.     

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