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A construction superintendent holds a key to the successful completion of a project. He oversees the day-to-day progress and then assesses the demands and resources of the stakeholders to make sure that goals are met accordingly.

It is more like a project manager’s job as they are professionals with a supervisory and enabling role. They collaborate with all teams, from engineering to compliance and beyond, and make sure that the routine performance is on par with the intended goals.

In a hindsight, one can make a case that a resume is not needed for such a hands-on position but for a finished project. Since finished buildings and establishments cannot be carried from one place to another, a resume is still an apt representation of their skills.

In this article, we will go through;

  • What the position of construction superintendent is all about
  • The capabilities and requirements to succeed in the position
  • How to find the best resume writing company to improve the odds 

The Position of Construction Superintendent

A typical day in the life of a construction superintendent revolves around delivering projects on time. They spearhead the projects from planning to execution and include all the tasks that come with it. These include identifying the deliverables, budgeting, setting a timeline, and staying loyal to it.

In addition to this, a construction superintendent is entrusted with the safety and security of the construction site and communicates with stakeholders on a periodical or needed bases.

Here is a rundown of the duties:

  • Making sure that projects are on the right track
  • Ensuring compliance and legal standards for all work
  • Procuring and using necessary tools and equipment    

Sample Job Brief

Job briefs are sent out by companies to attract talent. To help candidates better understand the expectations of the employers, here is a sample job brief for a construction superintendent position:

Our company is looking for an experienced construction superintendent to spearhead our projects. They are expected to oversee the staff and ensure that all projects and results are delivered on time. The role also involves allocating and monitoring the budget after getting approval from the higher management.

The ideal candidate should have superb verbal and written communication skills to get their point across. They are expected to maintain high quality and compliance standards throughout the process.

If you are a seasoned construction superintendent who understands what it takes to get the job done in a highly competitive environment, we would love to have a chat with you!       


The responsibilities of a construction superintendent can vary from one project or another. It is because the very nature of goals and deliverables changes with the project. For instance, the compliance structure is different in different states for different buildings and structures.

Here are some job responsibilities that construction superintendents should expect on site:

  • Collaboration with engineers and contractors to identify the needs and specifications of a project
  • Identify and manage project goals and deliverables
  • Plan and execute processes
  • Estimate costs and get budget approvals
  • Allocate and monitor the budget for different teams
  • Supervise staff and provide feedback on operations
  • Make sure safety and wellbeing guidelines are followed
  • Resolve conflict or other on-site issues timely
  • Keep track of the stock for smooth operations     

Necessary Skills

Necessary skills and requirements give confidence to employers as they come to understand that the professional understands the requirements of the job. It is necessary to go through the extended job brief before making your resume or applying for the job.

Here are some common skills that employers demand:

  • Prior experience as a construction superintendent or a similar role for a competitive firm
  • In-depth knowledge of quality, safety, and health compliance structure for construction sites
  • Deep understanding of operations and processes of construction sites
  • Hands-on experience with CAD and other relevant tools
  • Proficiency in MS Office and other productivity tools
  • Highly organized individual with superb time management skills
  • Ability to lead teams and ensure goals are met
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or construction management is a must, Master’s degree is a nice one to have.  

Determining The Right Resume Writing Service For You

Many world-class construction superintendents are not up for the task of writing a document to get a job, although they can be entrusted with erecting a sky scrapper. That’s why they seek a resume writing company that can paint a desirable picture of them.

This is plausible as professionals should do the job. Many online resume writing companies would be happier to oblige but aspirants should have to dig deeper before settling with a company.

In this section, we have highlighted some of the attributes that an aspirant must look for in their prospective resume writing company before signing the deal.         

  • Specialty & Expertise

A construction superintendent job is a specialty trade that must be highlighted in a trendy and market-oriented way. Resume companies have trained resume writers with relevant experience and expertise. Before placing the order, make sure to verify this aspect so that you would know whether they translate your expectations in a better light or not.

There is also a pitfall in this scenario where they don’t have specialty writers. The best way to know for sure is to ask for references and samples.    

  • Consultation & Discussion

A professional resume writing company would not start writing a construction superintendent resume before having in-depth consultation and discussion with the candidate. Through this, they can determine the experience and educational background of the aspirant as well as understand the scope and reach of the deliverables.

In many cases, they have questionnaires for candidates to understand their preferences.

All in all, they understand the client and help them in better understanding the market and dynamics of the role, from resume making to beyond.   

  • Returns On Investment (ROI)

It is hard to truly put a price on a resume because it is a complicated task. The resume writing services differentiate pricing and other perks based on what customers are willing to pay. Candidates should see the ROIs in this regard and come up with a threshold that can reflect their willingness to pay.

In the current scenario, any company that is asking less than $150 for a professional resume with all the perks and benefits of a professional company could be a scam. These services are expensive, especially because they have the potential to get resume bearers to land lucrative jobs. So, set your expectations, budget, and ROIs depending on the company and the services. 

  • Turnaround Time

Many candidates are often in a pinch to have the best resume for the construction superintendent position in a small window of time. This is another marker of a good company if they are willing to accommodate quick delivery options.

This is achieved by assigning multiple writers who can research, write, and proofread resumes at the same time.

Of course, this will lead to rising in price which can be managed depending on the urgency of the order. 

  • Unparalleled Quality

Quality is the key and the whole rationale behind hiring a resume writing company. Since they are professionals with dedicated writers and the necessary tools to research, write, and edit copies before sending them out to the clients, customers expect quality above all else.

The true value of a resume is its effectiveness in fetching interview calls and invitations from recruiters and hiring managers. So, while asking for a quality company, make sure they can balance both the scientific and aesthetic aspects of the process and deliver something astonishing.


How can we distinguish a great construction superintendent from an average one?

Following are some of the traits and attributes that make a great construction superintendent:

  • Excellent verbal and communication skills
  • Time management skills and punctuality
  • Extensive experience in core construction management duties
  • Resourceful and adept in analytical thinking 

Do construction superintendents manage teams?

Construction superintendents work with and manage teams from different areas. On a routine basis, they work directly with engineers, contractors, and subcontractors to make sure that everything is on track.

They also communicate with stakeholders to get them up to the speed of progress. Overall, they are responsible for the operations and processes going around on the site. 

What are the job requirements for a construction superintendent?

Following are the job requirements for an experienced construction superintendent role:

  • Monitoring construction projects, from blueprints to completion
  • Keep tabs on different teams, including engineering, compliance, etc
  • Ensure a steady supply of materials and goods to avoid bottlenecks
  • Ensure overall safety and wellbeing around construction projects   

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