Best paying jobs in AIR Freight Delivery Services

With the looming post-pandemic crises and phenomena like the Great Resignation, professionals are scraping to keep their jobs or looking harder than ever to land new and hopefully better ones. Another thing that is hanging like a sword is technological advancements that are putting manual labor out of the game.

Aviation and air freight deliveries are still the industries that are not being wowed by technological advancements. Much of the infrastructure and operations are still manual and require large swathes of able men.

For someone who is looking for a career in air freight delivery services, this may be the best time for them.

In this article, we will go through what are air freight logistics and delivery services and what are some of the highest paying roles in this industry.       

What Are Air Freight Logistics & Delivery Services?

Logistics deals with the supply chain as it is responsible for physically transporting goods and items from businesses to consumers. It is one of the most crucial and effective muscles of a company as it materializes the plans and gets things from point A to point B under stipulated time and budget.

In terms of air freight delivery services, it is about delivering goods and items across state borders and regions. Air freight delivery services use both commercial and passenger airports to pick and drop cargo. From there, it is further shipped or trucked to the destination. 

Best Paying Jobs In Air Freight Delivery Services

Since it has always been a booming industry, aside from the dry spell during COVID-19, prospects of making a fulfilling career there are great. Just like any other logistics operations, there are plenty of roles depending on the reach and scope of the job.

There are many special allowances in the case of travel and perks and benefits are also better than in other industries.

So, the following are some of the best paying roles in air freight delivery services.  

General Manager

In air freight delivery services, General Manager is the highest position that anyone can hold. The role involves managing assets and people on both the ground and in the air. Since it is the highest position, it enjoys a big salary and other perks. 

The obligations include, but are not limited to;

  • Monitoring daily operations
  • Improving company operations
  • Leading other department heads
  • Managing budgets
  • Devising and implementing new policies and strategies  

Average Salary: The national average salary of a General Manager is around $210,000 per year.

VP Supply Chain

After the General Manager comes Vice President (VP). It is another top slot in the cog of air freight delivery services. The job obligations are more or less the same as the General Manager, but it comes with many more including;

  • Management of resources and disposables
  • Sourcing & Distribution
  • Enforcement of regulations
  • Improving supply chain processes     

Average Salary: The national average salary of a Vice President of Supply Chain is $190,000 per year.

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

A Chief Operating Officer (COO) is a C-level executive who is responsible for both operational and logistical departments in the organization. The functions of a COO are;

  • Company-Wide Budgets
  • Devising Cost-Effective Strategies
  • Growth-Based Goals
  • Representation of company in key vendor and supplier negotiations

In addition to this, a COO is responsible to collaborate with C-suite executives to make sure that all departments are working effectively.       

Average Salary: The national average salary of a Chief Operating Officer (COO) is $120,000 per year.  

Sourcing Manager

When it comes to taking care of the supply portfolio and transparency of operations across the board, a sourcing manager in air freight delivery services comes into the picture. These individuals are instrumental in projecting true revenue and expenditure projections for both short and long terms cycles.

A sourcing manager;

  • Collaborates with procurement and purchasing teams for budget optimization
  • Employs cost and other analyses to materialize potential partnerships with vendors and suppliers    
  • Develops policies for sourcing strategies
  • Enforces regulations and compliance across the board

Average Salary: The national average salary of a Sourcing Manager is $95,000 per year.

Customer Program Manager

Customer Program Manager covers customers’ interests in product management. They remain connected with important customers to understand their needs and specifications better. 

They often expect input from different stakeholders to improve both air freight delivery channels as well major logistical operations in general. 

Average Salary: The national average salary of a Custom Program Manager is $95,000 per year.

Director of Operations

The Director of Operations deals with the responsibility of maximizing profits and businesses in the long run. DOPs instruct lower managers and help them in streamlining workflows and processes. 

In addition to this, the Director of Operations reports to C-level executives and implements projections and estimates for revenue and sales.       

Average Salary: The national average salary of a Director of Air Freight Operations is $92,000 per year.

Supply Chain Manager

The job obligations of a Supply Chain Manager are;

  • Material Sourcing
  • Production & Order Fulfillment

They are responsible for the evaluation of operations and processes and employ various techniques to improve the efficiency of the systems across supply chains. 

Average Salary: The national average salary of a Supply Chain Manager is $88,000 per year. 

Configuration Manager

These are mostly found in technology-based companies where they are entrusted to devise and evaluate Configuration Management Systems (CMS). Part of their job is to create workflows and streamlined portals for different teams to collaborate on projects with little to no friction.

Ultimately, the success of these CMSs depends on their relevant bottom lines.  

Average Salary: The national average salary of a Configuration Manager is $86,000 per year.

Management Analyst 

Analysts are all about analyzing the ongoing operations and then coming up with better solutions. For Management Analysts, it is about assessing the efficiency of different departments in the company to suggest better alternatives

In the air freight delivery services, they are more concerned about profit maximization by implementing cost-cutting measures. 

A Management Analyst;

  • Observes and interview employees
  • Review finances

To suggest revisions and alternatives if they are needed.   

Average Salary: The national average salary of a Management Analyst is $86,000 per year.

Commodity Manager

Businesses run on commodities whose pricing fluctuates from time to time. A Commodity Manager keeps an eye on the market and gets the best deals for the company by purchasing commodities at better rates.

Above all, they are entrusted to monitor and tweak spending across the board to ensure the company stays on the right course. They also take care of the company-vendor relationships and are made responsible for cost-effective measures.      

Average Salary: The national average salary of a Commodity Manager is $85,000 per year.

Shipping Manager

There is no doubt that air freight delivery is rife with uncertainties and unknown variables. In this situation, A Shipping Manager is responsible for packing shipping materials as well as making suitable space for receiving goods. All in all, they are entrusted with safe shipping and transportation of goods and items.  

Average Salary: The national average salary of a Shipping Manager is $83,000 per year.

Warehouse Manager

Warehouse management is a full-scale job that requires the management of people and processes. These professionals are responsible for educating and training other professionals for better efficiency and growth across the sectors.

Additionally, a Warehouse Manager is responsible for enforcing security and inventory for both specialty and general companies, including pharmaceuticals, hazardous materials, etc.        

Average Salary: The national average salary of a Warehouse Manager is $80,000 per year.

Rate Analyst

A Rate Analyst, as the name suggests, employs relevant data statistically to find potent results. In this case, it is about determining service rates and charges for dispensing air freight services in both commercial and industrial rationales.

In general cases, service rates are determined by costs and market trends. In this way, rate analysts also cover insurance and transportation domains to come to a proper conclusion.     

Average Salary: The national average salary of a Rate Analyst is $78,000 per year.

Procurement Manager

All the procurement work goes through the Procurement Manager.

A Procurement Manager is responsible for;

  • Recruitment and training of procurement staff
  • Devising departmental policies and their implementation
  • Facilitation of negotiations with vendors and suppliers
  • Maintenance of quality of services across the board 

Average Salary: The national average salary of a Procurement Manager is $75,000 per year. 

Operations Analyst    

In the air freight delivery line, many operations must work in harmony and cost-effectively to make an enterprise profitable. An Operation Analyst takes into account all current and future projected operations of the firm and comes up with an effective resolution to save costs.

From manufacturing to suppliers and distribution, everything goes through the assessment of operations analysts to make well-informed decisions.   

Average Salary: The national average salary of an Operations Analyst is $73,000 per year. 


Air freight delivery services are expected to see tremendous growth in the coming years. Many roles are available to both new and experienced professionals who want to pursue this line of work.

In this article, we have highlighted many roles that professionals can go after these roles with average salaries to make the process of applying and sending resumes a little easier.    

Written by Brad S

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