Best Dentist Resume Templates In 2022

Dentist Resume

The Arduous Task of Writing A CV For Dentists

Resume writing is both subjective and objective in its approach and nature. Think about it. It is not about what you know or possess but how you can present it to the fishing recruiters and hiring managers. In retrospect, it is a piece of paper with even margins and clearly defined sections. Each section has a clear purpose and then a general purpose to create an eye-catching and stand-out resume.

Professionals, no matter how qualified and experienced they are, lack the skills and tools to design and write excellent resumes. This is where a professional resume writing service comes into the picture. They have the personnel and the expertise to satisfy clients by helping them secure their dream jobs.

But for those who are up for the task, this blog post is a gold mine!

Formatting A Professional Resume

Formatting and structure of a resume count more in the initial screening than the original contents of the resume. This is evident from the fact that recruiters hardly spend more than a couple of seconds on a single resume during preliminary screening. So, dentists and other professionals in the field should employ the best practices for the ultimate effect.

There are two major types of resumes, in terms of the sequence of information. The chronological resume follows the linear path of time, from education to work experience and special skills. The reverse chronological resume focuses on different sections based on the intended job description of the vacancy.

Here is a small but comprehensive guide on how to format a professional resume for a general dentist:

  • Start with an intriguing dental objective or summary statement
  • Add value to the experience through notable responsibilities and towering achievements
  • Highlight the education that is more in line with the vacant position in the hospital
  • Tailor the skills and additional sections with special skills and achievements
  • Pay attention to the details to outclass other prospective candidates

Structuring The Best Dentist Resume

Formatting and structuring are often used interchangeably for writing essays or composing resumes and cover letters. Since we have covered the content flow of the best curriculum vitae for dental professionals, it is time to take a look at the overall structure and general aspects of the resume.

  • The first thing is the margins of the page. The standard margin size is one inch on both the horizontal and vertical sides of the page.
  • Instead of going for fancy templates and ways of presenting key information, professionals should stick to the left-to-right format.
  • Adding extra pages to the resume is not bad until all the information is extremely relevant to the intended job. Otherwise, trim the fat and retain the components that apply to the prospective job description.

Examples of Resume Summaries

Resumes do not start with the obvious question or answer in place. There is subtlety and rhetorical power to it that professionals need to employ before getting to the brass tacks. As a primer, you can use a resume summary that can distill the major highlights of the document. It helps extremely in the initial screening, so professionals should put a lot of muscle and bone into it.

A resume summary is a brief and bold collection of sentences that showcase the skills and achievements of dentists as professionals. They can also go the bullet’s way to discriminate between different metrics.

Resume Summary For Dental Hygienist

Simply saying something may not help professionals while putting skills to practice. We understand your frustration and struggle and that’s why we have dedicated these two subheadings for examples.

Here is an example of a resume summary for a dental hygienist.

A considerate and professional dental hygienist with 5+ years of experience in a competitive hospital in the heart of a metropolitan. Helped over 4000+ clients with oral hygiene and other commonly occurring diseases. Introduced surveys for clients that helped their satisfaction by 49%!

Resume Summary For General Dentist

If you want to add a resume summary for a general dentist to your resume, here is a superb example.

Cordial General Dentist with 3+ years of industry experience in a family dental care clinic in a bustling county. Performed surgeries and helped restore the smiles of more than 1000 patients. Pioneered and perfected a new method called “five-tier dentistry” that improved the recovery in patients by 35%!

Writing The Best Resume Objectives

Many professionals confuse the resume summary with the summary of the objectives. In reality, they are light-years apart from one another. The former focus on what a professional knows or how he is better than others. However, the latter explains how the goals of both the candidate and the company align with each other.

Dental professionals should still rely on their education, skills, and experience but they must be valued in the face of the intended value for the job description.

Resume Objective For Dental Students

Here is an excellent example of a resume objective for dental students:

Current dental hygiene student with extensive academic and hands-on experience in learning techniques and methodologies. Seeking a license from California State to further my career in surgery and operations. 

Resume Objective For Oral Hygienist

Oral hygienists run courses and assist dentists with procedures to help clients with their issues. If you are preparing an oral hygienist resume but don’t know how to compose a compelling resume objective, this is for you:

Passionate oral hygienist at the city’s top dental hospital. Adept in conducting hygiene operations and counseling customers regarding their oral health. Over 3+ assistive experience with senior surgeons and currently pursuing New York State License!

Excellent Way To Describe Professional Experience

For an established professional, experience is the main highlight of the resume. The educational background and special skills take a back seat because hospitals are more concerned about what a professional can do, not what they learned and when they learned it.

Writing the experience section is crucial to make it to the interview stage. Following are some of the insights that will help professionals for acing theirs:

  • The previous or current job titles will go on the top
  • The starting and ending dates should follow the title
  • Then comes the place of employment
  • After the introduction, the responsibilities and the results should be stated forcefully
  • Key achievements should be highlighted separately

How To Make The Best of Education & Special Skills

First of all, education and special skills are only relevant for young and novice graduates because they do not have relevant experience. So, they must leverage all the scales and ensure everything is perfectly aligned for their intended role. The following lines are shedding light on how to achieve this feat:

  • The title of the degree should come at the top
  • Then comes the place of the alma mater
  • For the ongoing degrees, the expected graduation time should be mentioned boldly

Complimentary Sections In A Professional Resume

Additional or complimentary sections are the places in the resume where professionals can add information that is remotely relevant to the position. Still, they can add value to the proposition and dentists can stand out from other candidates.

Licensing & Certifications

Dentists need to obtain licenses to practice their vocation. Some licenses are more prestigious than others and mentioning them in the relevant space can generate a better impression for the prospective candidate.

The same goes for certifications. As they are not as important as degrees and diplomas, they show the intent of the end of the professional.

Language Proficiency

Depending on the clientele and geography of the hospital, having proficiency in another language can pave the way for success. So, if a dental hygienist or dental student has bilingual skills, it is best to put them to use in the resume.

The essence of A Dentist Resume – Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways from our blog on dentist curriculum vitae and resumes in 2022:

  • Established professionals should use reverse chronological resumes to better highlight their work experiences
  • Students and young graduates should make the best of education, skills, and other attributes
  • Additional sections can paint the candidate in a better light
  • Special skills and summaries should be razor sharp
  • Proofread and edit the resume before sending it out


What is the best way to write a resume for a dentist?

The process of writing a resume requires research and superb writing skills. If you want to write a solid resume for a dentist, it is best to understand the job requirements, align skills and experience with the prospective job, and then use additional spaces to make up for the competition against other professionals.

What skills should a dentist put on a CV?

There are three major types of skills that a dentist can put on his resume:

  • Hard skills for dentists include procedures and surgeries
  • Dentists’ soft skills include communication skills and others
  • Specialties cover different areas and fields of dental surgery

What are the best resume objectives for a professional dentist?

A resume objective covers the main reason or intentions behind applying for that particular job. If a professional is applying for a better position or changing fields, this is the section that should take care of these dynamics.

What are 5 common job descriptions for a dentist?

Here are the five typical jobs and responsibilities that dentists provide:

  • Taking care of damaged teeth and hurt gums
  • Fill cavities to prevent further damage
  • Perform oral exams and evaluations
  • Prepare treatment plans to resolve dental health issues
  • Prescribing medicine to the patients

What are the major sections in a dentist’s resume?

The major sections in a dentist’s resume have a specific purpose. When combined, they make a better impact on the recruiters’ eyes for the professionals. The following are the important parts of the resume:

  • Resume summary or resume objectives
  • Professional experience
  • Academic Qualifications
  • Special Skills
  • Additional Sections

Written by Simon W