How To Create a Resume For Marketing Executive

Resume For Marketing Executive

A resume is more than just a rundown of a candidate’s merits and desirable characteristics. It should be a calling card for job seekers so that they are connected with recruiters and hiring managers through a case-making document.

Resumes come in different forms, shapes, and sizes, but their purpose remains the same – winning the hearts and minds of employers so that they may give an interview chance to the aspirants.

Marketing is a field with cut-throat competition. Due to the perks and chances of making big in the field, many professionals are attracted to it. However, it needs more than just the ambition to make big – a well-crafted executive resume for marketing.

In this blog, we will cover the process of creating one. But, if you are not for the task, you can connect with affordable resume writing services to provide you with a custom one.

Importance of The Best Executive Resume

Before we dive deeper into the major sections of the resume for executives and how they can create a riveting one, it is necessary to understand the importance of a resume. Even with the rise of online portals, such as LinkedIn and Indeed, the need for the old-fashioned resume hasn’t waned. Instead, it has increased because online sources are not easily scannable and do not show what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for.

On the other hand, they only need a couple of seconds to determine whether a candidate will be the right person for the job or not. In addition to this, it is also easier for candidates to hone a single page instead of different bells and whistles in an online platform they know very little of.

That’s why we have put together this guide so that marketing executives can learn the craft and carve themselves a place at a well-paying employer.

Major Sections In An Executive-Level Resume Examples

As mentioned in the opening section, resumes come in different iterations, yet their purpose and major sections remain the same. If you want to ace the process based on an executive-level resume template, you need to identify and understand the major sections.

Like the art of essay writing, the real magic happens when different sections balance one another and enhance their value. This is what professional CV writers leverage to get their clients to do callbacks and interviews.

So, let’s go through each one of them before we get to the best practices that candidates must follow while crafting their resumes.


The headline is a fancier word for the full name of the candidate. It is a headline because it should come at the top in the H1 format. Many resume templates have headlined at the top middle whereas others have them in the left corner. Ultimately, it depends on the overall style and structure of the resume or your personal choice.

Contact Details

Right under a headline, candidates need to provide relevant contact details for the interested parties. The most important ones are the email and phone numbers. In many executive resume samples, professionals ask for addresses but only if the role is specific to a geographic location. So, if that’s the case, you need to provide the home address.

Objectives/ Resume Summary

This is probably the most important section of a resume. It is a short passage that covers the work experience, academic qualifications, and aspirations of the candidates. It is often a long sentence with multiple clauses. Aspirants should spend considerable time writing their resume or objectives summary because many recruiters depend on it to shortlist candidates for the interview.

Industry Experience

After the objectives/ resume summary, industrial experience takes the stage. Aspirants need to let recruiters know about their experience in the field. Instead of merely highlighting the duties and responsibilities, they can add value to the experience by showcasing achievements and milestones they have covered while in the position. Often, this makes the resume stand out from the competition.

Academic Qualifications

In many cases, marketing executives do not need any formal education for the executive position as it is more skills-intensive or experience-intensive work. Still, if a candidate has relevant academic qualifications, such as an MBA or a diploma in marketing, this is the place to show it off. If they decide to pay someone to write their resumes, the professional can work up the magic.

Core & Soft Skills

Marketing executives need a blend of soft and core skills to succeed in their work. Instead of merely having them and not showing them off to potential employers is a waste. There is always a dedicated section in the resumes for this. The most sought-after skills include interpersonal and communication skills, along with leadership, teamwork, and empathy.

Best Practices For Writing A Senior Executive Resume

By now, readers have a clear picture of what a resume looks like, thanks to the previous section that highlighted all the major sections of a resume. Now, let’s put them all together in a nice bundle and lay out some best practices to follow.

Keep in mind that writing a resume is about adding value to your experience, qualifications, and skills. So, here are the best practices that are endorsed by professional resume writers in the field.

Picking A Modern Executive Resume Template

A template of a resume is its overall structure and feel. There are two most common templates when it comes to resume writing for marketing executives. One is a simple block structure with a description of the sections. The other one is more reliant on symbols and figures to convey the message. For instance, expert skills in the former can be attributed to five-star skills in the latter.

The one you choose should be in line with modern trends and be appealing to the readers of the resume.

Collecting Information on The Company & Position

Many aspirants make the mistake of sharing generic resumes for all the positions. This is not only frustrating but also causes unfounded anxiety to the applicants. Instead of churning out resumes without a single thought, they should collect information about the position they are applying for and the company culture. This will help them in fashioning their resumes according to their liking.

The best place to collect information is to revisit the job description and explore the profiles on LinkedIn and Indeed. Also, by connecting with the professionals working there, you can get to know the culture better and what to expect in an interview.

Showcasing Relevant Skills & Achievements

It would not be an overstatement to say that resume writing is about showcasing relevant skills and achievements for the aspirants. Recruiters and hiring managers are always on the lookout for high achievers. When they find a particular candidate with an ambitious past, they do not think twice before giving him an interview call. If you cannot do it on your own, buy a resume online from Resume That Works and they will do all the heavy lifting on your behalf.

We have highlighted some of the most sought-after skills in marketing executives in the previous sections. As a gentle revision, stress upon empathy and leadership.

Choosing The Best Executive Resume Format

When a template deals with the macro-level aspects of a resume, formatting deals with the micro-level. These include font size, styles, margins, and so on. In your marketing executive resume, make sure that the formatting is sound and covers all the bases. The margins should not be more or less than one inch on both sides. The font size and style should be consistent and legible throughout the document.

When you connect with a leading resume writing service, such as Resume That Works, we will help you pick the right format. If you leave it to us, we will be proactive in getting the best of the opportunity for you.

Proofreading & Editing Examples of Executive Resumes

This is the step that many aspirants often forget. Merely creating a resume is not enough. They need to revisit it several times to identify the issues and resolve them. Even when all the issues are resolved, there could be weak areas that they can improve with editing. Since editing is different from writing, many aspirants find it extremely hard. In that case, they can get a dedicated resume editing service on board to do the bidding for them. It will look for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, as well as contextual inconsistencies.

Summing Up The Discussion

There is no denying that resume writing is a hard vocation. It takes a lot of variables, each one balanced on another, to create the intended effect in recruiters and hiring managers. Marketing executives are the professionals that connect the products and services of the brands to the prospects through their exceptional skills. The best way to showcase those skills is to create a resume. In this blog, we have shed ample light on the major sections of a resume. In addition to this, we have shared some of the best practices regarding developing a standout resume.

For those who cannot do all the hard work, Resume That Works will be honored to oblige. Connect with us today and we will provide you with a custom resume in a couple of hours!

Written by Simon W