How To Write Solid Financial Analyst Cover Letter

financial analyst cover letter

Finding a new job can be a tough experience. The economy is always walking a tight rope and employers are always wary of new faces, no matter how much experience and solid credentials they have.

Being a financial analyst is a rewarding career but it starts with a successful job hunt and joining a great company. The usual weapon is polishing the resume and sending it out to as many companies as possible. But in many cases, it can use a supplement – a cover letter!

What cannot be written or at least explained in a resume can be done meticulously in a cover letter. Even though it has become a common practice by companies to ask for a cover letter along with a resume, many professionals looking for a financial analyst job are not aware of what it is and how it can be composed to land interviews and offers.   

This article will shed ample light on;

  • What Is Cover Letter
  • A Simple Guide On How To Write A Financial Analyst Cover Letter
  • Qualities Every Solid Cover Letter For Financial Analysts Have
  • A Workable Structure For A Cover Letter   

What Is A Cover Letter For A Financial Analyst

Resumes are carefully composed and fine-tuned to have only essential information about a candidate for a particular position. It may be enough to give a gist of what an aspirant is capable of. But a resume has its limitations.

A cover letter is usually scribbled on a single piece of paper and it highlights all the virtues and capabilities of a candidate that could not be added or explained in a resume. It is addressed to the hiring manager or anyone that has posted the job on the behalf of the company.

Following are some of the elements that are usually covered in cover letters:

  • Contact Details (Phone, Email) 
  • Expected Role & Interest In It(In this case, Financial Analyst)
  • Highlighting Necessary Skills & Experiences

Cover letters are ideal to not only show off skills and abilities for what they are but also how they align with the requirements for the vacancy.   

A Guide To Write A Financial Analyst Cover Letter

After going through the nature and contents of a cover letter, applicants will have a clear idea of what a cover letter for a financial analyst is. But, the essential thing is to translate all the experience, capabilities, and qualifications into a worthy idea. In other terms, aspirants may have to sell their skills in the best and most professional manner.

This would require properly structuring the cover letter and checking all the boxes to make sure that the message has gone through.

In this section, we have broken down all the steps in writing a winning cover letter for financial analysts.         

Start With A Proper Address & Greetings

After a header with all the relevant contact information about the candidate, a cover letter starts. It is worth noting that proper addressing and greetings can help aspirants get their foot in the door.

Research is the key. It is best to address the letter to the hiring manager but there are often exceptions. If things seem unclear, a “To Whom It May Concern” would suffice.      

Give A Bird’s Eye View of Present & Future Plans

Those financial analysts who would be employed at the time of writing can leverage their position by highlighting the reasons why they want to make a switch. In case of gaps in the career, a cover letter is a perfect place to tell the recruiters why that was the case and how they are perfectly capable to shoulder responsibilities in the new role.

It is necessary to be positive whether aspirants are working somewhere or not.       

Showcase Your Research

Hundreds of applicants apply for jobs in a company. In most cases, they all meet the minimum requirements for eligibility to get in the race. What could set one candidate apart from others is their research skills and interest in the company.

Following are some of the things that aspirants can highlight to show the recruiters their research and interest in the company:

  • History
  • Area of Business
  • Current Position in the Market
  • Prospects & Challenges

This will show the recruiters the preparedness and proactive approach on the part of the candidate. Since the role of a financial analyst is about researching and analyzing data to find quantifiable information on business operations and processes, the cover letter can show the recruiters that a candidate is perfectly capable to handle data.       

Highlight What Makes The Company Appealing

Whether the applicants for the financial analyst position are working somewhere or free at the time of writing, they must show the willingness and unique points about the company that makes them apply.

It could be the place in the market, company culture, perks, benefits, and so on that can attract a financial analyst to a company. The applicants need to reflect on the longing and high stakes of joining that company.

Sell Your Capabilities As A Super Financial Analyst

Instead of simply stating the bland facts, financial analysts should sell their skills as marketers. It should show a proposed trajectory of how the past and future of the applicant will be impacted by availing of this opportunity.

Again, many fine points can be raised in this section but all should resonate with the mind and personal values of the candidate.   

Conclude On A Cordial Note

The conclusion of a great cover letter for a financial analyst position is as important as its opening, even more so. It is because it will be the last impression or content about the cover letter when a recruiter would end up finishing it.

The best note to leave the cover letter is to show the interest in further contact, most probably through an interview.

This shows confidence and straightforwardness on the behalf of the aspirant and helps recruiters in making up their minds.   

Proofread & Edit

At the end of the recruiters, they expect a cover letter that is bold, brief, and well-written with no grammatical errors and typos – all to just show thoughtfulness. That’s why applicants must proofread and edit their cover letters before sending them.

Apart from using the old ways, they can employ modern tools such as Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, and other applications to help them write a concise and persuasive cover letter.  

Virtues To Highlight In A Great Financial Analyst Cover Letter

A cover letter is not just a formality so the idea of “one size fits all” is out of the window. Each job could be different in its scope and requirements that demand a custom, tailored cover letter.

For the position of a financial analyst, the competition is usually very tough and applicants should avail whatever opportunity they get to highlight their skills. At the end of the day, it is all about standing apart from the crowd.

Following are some of the virtues or attributes that should be incorporated in a cover letter for a financial analyst position.  


Aside from all the qualifications, experience, and expertise, what makes a candidate desirable for a company – is value! Aspirants should make sure that their worth is translated perfectly from a qualified professional to a valuable part of the financial department of the company.       

Uniqueness & Experience

Even though the basic criteria could be fulfilled by the majority of the candidates in the race, each aspirant should highlight their uniqueness through their skills, capabilities, and experience.

In the financial analyst roles, it is best to highlight not only data gathering and processing skills but also soft skills such as conflict management and other leadership roles.  

Enthusiasm & Optimism

A cover letter does not have to be overly bland and fact-laden. It indeed has to have all the necessary information succinctly and briefly. Still, it has always room to show emotions such as enthusiasm for the role and optimism about the combined future of the candidate and the company.

The best place to show that is around the conclusion where a candidate can show that he would expect a callback or look forward to his role in the company.      

Financial Analyst Cover Letter Template

For those candidates who still struggle with the idea of writing a financial analyst cover letter from scratch, here is a simple yet effective structure to build a cover letter on.

  • Header (Contact Info)
  • First Paragraph (Background, Qualifications)
  • Second Paragraph (Relevant Experience)
  • Third Paragraph (Why This Company)
  • Closing Remarks   


It could be intimidating for many aspirants to land an interview or a call back during their job hunt. Cover letters are great supplements for resumes. Even if a company does not ask for one, it is in candidates’ best interests to send a custom-written cover letter along with their resumes for the position of financial analyst.

A cover letter can expand on the premise of a resume and show the recruiters that the person in question is the right candidate for the job.       

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