How to Write a Cover Letter to Multiple Recipients?

How to Write a Cover Letter to Multiple Recipients

You can mail your cover letter and resume to multiple managers at an organization if you are not aware of the concerned person’s name. This trick helps your resume reach the right person. You should mention the names of all the recipients if you have been able to find information regarding their names and designations so that everyone knows who has got the copy of your letter.

The general format of this cover letter is the same as the regular one written for one recipient, except for the names of multiple recipients. Don’t forget to mention the position you’re applying for, where you heard about it, and why you think you are eligible for it.

How to identify the key players?

If the job advertisement doesn’t specify the names of the hiring managers, you can use multiple resources to identify the recipients’ names. For instance, you can call the organization to ask for the names of hiring managers. If you still don’t get the names, check professional networking sites like LinkedIn and look for hiring resources in the respective company. You may also get this information from the company’s official website. If you know someone who works there, he can also provide you with the required information.

How to include additional recipients?

Do you know how to cc multiple recipients in a letter? We will explain how.

You need to give your signature at the end of the letter. Providing two spaces beneath your signature, write “cc:” and mention the names and designations of other letter recipients. For instance, type “cc: Mr. Adams, Human Resources Assistant Manager.” Use a separate line for each additional recipient.

The right way to mail your letter

You might have multiple recipients of the letter but make sure to send a copy of your letter to each recipient. Get an envelope for each recipient and put your resume and cover letter in it. Before placing the letter in the envelope, checkmark the recipient’s name you’re sending it. Do this for the recipients in the “cc” list.

Address a cover letter by email

In this digital world, most cover letters and resumes are shared by email, as it’s the fastest and most convenient method for all. Hiring managers receive many letters each day. Your responsibility is to make it easy for them to scan your mail. You can make the process easy by adding a relevant and clear subject line and your signature and contact details.

Can you address a cover letter to multiple recipients? Of course, you can. CC other recipients at the end of the letter, mentioning their names and designations. Please write their email addresses in the “CC” tab of your email to copy the email to them.

Skip writing “To whom it may concern” in cover letters. It has become old school now. People usually mention this when they don’t get enough information from the hiring managers. However, it’s always better to write one or two names of the hiring managers. It will demonstrate your interest in the company because you will be looking for the names of hiring managers and other company details. If you don’t get information about the hiring managers, you can write “Dear Hiring Managers” to address the recipients.

How to write the subject line in the email?

Leaving the subject line blank is not a very good idea. There is a high probability of getting your email deleted because when a hiring manager receives an email without a subject line, they don’t bother to open it. And sometimes, such emails go directly to spam boxes. So, you better mention a clear subject line to convey your intentions of writing to them.

While writing the subject line, don’t forget to mention the job title you are applying for. Hiring managers look for multiple resources for different departments. So, writing the job title will make it easy for them to scan your email for the position you’re interested in.

The Salutation should be personalized

Personalization is the key. Even if you send a letter to several people in the organization, only address your letter to a single person. This person might be the most senior in the human resource department. The recipient’s address section includes the person’s name, designation, organization, and address. Address this person in salutation. You can mention the manager’s full name if you don’t know the gender. For example, write “Dear Terry Johns” rather than “Dear Miss Terry.” If there’s a hiring committee responsible for hiring resources in a company, you should write “Dear Hiring Committee.” You may also use this salutation if you don’t know who the recipients are.

The correct format of the cover letter email

Type a colon or comma after writing your selected salutation. Give a space afterward, and then start writing the letter’s first paragraph. Follow these steps to format your cover letter in an email correctly:

  • Write Salutation with a comma/colon: Dear Hiring Manager:
  • With a space, write the first paragraph of the letter.
  • Body of your cover letter.

The body of your cover letter covers all the essential details you want to share with the employer. Mention the position you’re applying for and justify how you are the most suitable candidate to be called for an interview. That’s where you will sell your skills and experience as the right candidate. Check the job requirements properly and put relevant experiences and skills you have that match the ones they are searching for.

Before sending an email cover letter, check if the company has any specific instructions to follow on how to submit your resume and cover letter. Following their instructions is crucial. You must make sure that your cover letter is well-written, covering all the essential and required details.

  •     Conclusion

To conclude your email cover letter, mention that you have attached your resume as per the requirement. Thank the employer in anticipation and give details so that they can reach out if you get selected for an interview call.

  •     Signature

Your signature should include your full name, contact number, permanent home address, email address, and URL to your LinkedIn profile. This will make it easy for the hiring managers to reach out to you.

Accuracy Check is a must

Proofreading your cover letter is a must. Check that the information you have shared is accurate. Double-check the names and designations of the recipients. It is imperative to add the correct address and recipient details so that your letter reaches the right individuals. Before finalizing your letter, make sure the following information is correctly spelled and accurate:

  1. Job Position you’re applying for.
  2. Recipient’s names and designations
  3. Company name
  4. Recipient addresses
  5. Department

Examples of letters addressed to multiple people

Here are some examples of formatting your cover letters. We have shared some accurate headers and salutations for addressing multiple recipients.


Here is an example of a cover letter to multiple recipients at the same company address. It’s an official letter with three addresses:

Mrs. Jenny Harrison, Mr. Jonas Ramsey, Ms. Leena Larson

Department of Cyber Crime

Stanford Cyber Crime International

5678 Q Chester Rd, Suite 200

Miami, SL 33388

Dear Mrs. Jenny Harrison, Mr. Jonas Ramsey, and Ms. Leena Larson:


Here is an example of a cover letter to multiple recipients at different addresses:

Dr. Stark Abraham

CC: Dr. Marry Richard, Dr. Mads Jones

Department of Cardiology

Bloomfield General Hospital

6789 Medical Officer, Suite 34

Albany, NY 89989

Dear Dr. Stark Abraham:

CC: Dr. Marry Richard, Dr. Mads Jones:


Here is an example of a cover letter to a large group of people at the same company address:

Members of the Admissions Board

Admissions Department

New York University

7890 Learning Street, Suite 342

Albany, NY 89989

Dear Members of the Admissions Board:

Things To Check Before Sending the Letter

  1. Review sample of cover letter: Writing cover letters from scratch is not an easy task. Review existing cover letters to make your life easier and not forget any formatting guidelines.
  2. Personalize your cover letter: You better personalize it every time you need to send a cover letter. Because every job has different requirements, even if the job titles are similar, personalizing your cover letter for each position will let you customize your skills and experience according to the job requirements.
  3. Check for any spelling mistakes: Before sending the cover letter, check if you have correctly written the hiring manager’s name and designation. Making a spelling mistake in a cover letter can cost you a job interview.
  4. Proofread your letter twice: While sending an email for a job position you want, it is essential to be sure that your email and attached documents are well-written. If possible, take help from a friend in proofreading your email/letter for any grammatical mistakes or typos.

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