How to make perfect web designer resume

Resume For Web Designers 

Web designing is an evolutionary yet booming field. With the advancements in the internet, especially the advent of web3 and metaverse, the demand for web designers is at an all-time high.

But to get a high-paying job, professionals need to have a medium to connect with potential employers. Even with the rise of LinkedIn and other online platforms, old-fashioned resumes are still going strong. 

However, professionals often find it hard to create a resume from scratch. That’s why we are sharing this simple guide with aspirants to create a custom resume in 8 simple steps. Still, if they are not up for the challenge, they can always hire one of the affordable resume writing services from Resume That Works.

A Simple Guide To Write Experienced Web Designer Resume

Although many online guides can help aspirants to develop a resume, often they raise more questions than answering the original ones. With that in mind, we are sharing this guide for both experienced web designer resumes and freshers. The steps are simple and easy to follow.

This section is dedicated to explaining all the major areas of the document.

  • Choosing The Right Web Designer Resume Format

Before writing the best resume for web designers, it is best to choose the right format for the task. When we say format, it means the bird’s eye view of the document and its feel for the onlooker.

Certain elements play a major role in determining the effectiveness of the resume. These include margins, font size, font style, and the overall design theme.

For margins, one inch is perfect for both horizontal and vertical sides. The font size and style should be legible and clear to recruiters and hiring managers. As for the theme, there are two distinct schools of thought. One believes in an infographics-based resume with symbols and stars, whereas the other prefers block texts.

  • Formulating A Catchy Web Designer Resume Headline

The headline of the resume is the name of the web designer. It must be in the H1 format and placed in the top middle of the document. This gives the readers a better view and feel of the name and establishes the authority.

Many opt for the left-most side of the document for a more streamlined effect. No matter which format you choose for the headline, it should play the desired role.

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  • Mentioning Contact Details Under The Headline

Right after the headline, it is necessary to mention the contact details for willing recruiters and hiring managers. The most common ones include email and telephone numbers. But depending on the roles and their scope, it does not hurt to share the residential address on the document.

For the roles with specific areas, web designers should put down their home addresses. Also, if they have certain portfolios and repositories of sample works, they can share the links to those along with these contact details.

  • Making A Strong Case With Web Designer Resume Objective Summary

There is no denying that the competition at the recruiters’ end is cut-throat. They have to go through thousands of potential employees to choose a handful for an initial interview. According to estimates, they do not spend more than seven seconds on a resume during initial screening. So, where do they look in those seven seconds?

Experts believe that resume summary or objectives summary is still the most relevant section that can provide insights to employers. For web designers with ample experience, it should be a resume summary whereas freshers can have objectives summary to showcase their aspirations and ambitions.

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  • Showcasing Industry Experience With Achievements & Milestones

After the summary sections, the most important section for mid-career professionals is the industry experience. There is no fancy way to make the best of this section, except to avoid hollow descriptions and try to incorporate actionable words and phrases.

Instead of detailing responsibilities and duties, aspirants should go for milestones achieved and targets acquired. This gives more of a push to the recruiters to go with the candidate. The format of writing this section is simple. Write the name of the position and the name of the employer along with the time spent there. Then, cover the achievements and targets in bullet points.

  • Referencing Academic Qualifications In The Resume For Web Designer Position

Like many other roles, academic qualifications may not be necessary for the web designer position. However, if you have some relevant or remotely relevant academic qualifications for the position, it is time to put it down and ensure that recruiters can have a better look at the section.

Many things are standard in the section, such as the name of the degree, the years attended, and the name of the college. But, there is no need to write your grades or GPA unless it was the top of the class.

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  • Fine-Tuning Your Resume According To The Job Description

After going through the additional sections and soft and core skills for the best resume for web designers, it is time to tally the contents with the job description you want to ace. This is one of the things that many web designers ignore in their resumes that cost them a lot of opportunities.

Every company has its internal processes and operations, including terminology. Instead of using your own or standard industry phrases and keywords, you should go through the job description and incorporate terms and keywords from there.

This will not only help you to pass the initial screening from recruiters and hiring managers, but you will also be able to go through the ATS without much issue.

  • Proofreading & Editing Before Submitting The Best Resume For Web Designers

After completing the resume, it is time to set it aside for a while and then get back to it for round two. In round two, you should try to optimize it through proofreading and editing. The first order of the business should be to eliminate all the grammatical and spelling errors from the document. Instead of doing that manually, you can use a tool such as Grammarly to make your task easier.

Then, it is time to locate contextual mistakes and rectify them in the best possible manner. Start with the resume summary or objectives summary and then work your way down. Make sure that the names of employers, designations, and projects are all correct.

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Attaching A Cover Letter With Your Web Designer Resume For Better Reach

In many cases, recruiters and hiring managers ask for a cover letter to be attached to a resume. If that is not the case with your potential employer, you can still add a cover letter nonetheless.

A cover letter is nothing fancy but a basic letter that addresses the hiring manager. It has three sections and each one has its specific purpose. The introduction connects the past of the candidate with the present. The main body highlights the experience and expertise of the aspirant. In the closing lines, aspirants can reach out to the recruiter to give them a call or any other suitable call to action.

The contents of the cover letter are very much in line with that of a resume. However, you can always add more value by building on the things that are already mentioned in the experienced web designer resume. In the end, you should always edit and proofread the cover letter along with the resume to ensure everything is in the right place.

Final Thoughts

Many aspirants dread the idea of developing a resume for good reasons. Many things could go wrong when you decide to put pen to paper and try to sell your skills. To address the issues that many web designers face, we have shared a simple yet effective guide with professionals. All the steps are explained and enriched with examples. We hope that aspirants will find it helpful in acing their resumes and securing the job of their dreams.

For those who do not have the time to create a resume, Resume That Works is the best choice for excellent resumes. Feel free to place your order now and get a custom web designer resume in a couple of days!

Written by Simon W