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With the pandemic still lurking in the shadows and the global economic uncertainty, people are struggling to either find a suitable job or retain the ones they have. When it comes to securing a civilian job after a military career, there are many issues that veterans face in addition to those that everyone else faces in the job market.

There are two major problems faced by military retired professionals while making the transition:

  • They don’t know how to translate their experience and expertise acquired in the military and present it in such a way that it makes a value proposition for a recruiter in the civilian firm   
  • The other thing is related to attitude and language as there is a clear difference between vernacular and how the same things are perceived by veterans when compared to civilians

This article is dedicated to helping military veterans find jobs by going through professional resume writing services. We have highlighted;

  • Military to civilian resume
  • Best jobs for veterans after a military career
  • Cost of hiring a professional military to civilian resume writing service
  • Tips and tricks to have the best military to civilian resume writing        

Military to Civilian Resume Writing – What to Know

There are many companies out there that offer professional resume writing services. These can work for the majority of professionals looking for a job but not for veterans. The biggest challenge in this is to make and present their life in the military desirable for civilian recruiters.

When a veteran starts for a job that is well-suited for his expenses and background, the best way to go ahead is by hiring a military to a civilian resume writer. They have immense experience and expertise in guiding clients and tailoring their resumes according to their needs and specific backgrounds.        

Best Jobs For Veterans After Military Career

Before we move forward to military resume writing and its tips and tricks, let us take a hard look at the best jobs that are available to military veterans, depending on their educational background service in the military.   

Financial Advisor

Financial advisors help individuals, families, and commercial entities in making better financial decisions. The process starts with goal setting depending on both long and short-term expectations concerning income.

Financial advisors plan and report progress in the plans and keep the parties updated regarding any issues or growth.   

Information Security Analyst

This job deals with keeping information systems and operations safe from cyber-attacks and other virtual incursions as well as sabotage. In addition to superior hacking and programming skills, Information Security Analysts are expected to have risk management and quick response virtues to keep the data centers and server parks safe for big data organizations.  

Management Consultant

Management Consultants or Management Analysts take dynamic factors of a company into account and devise strategies to improve service delivery, cut costs for the company, increase revenue, and overall efficiency of commercial operations.

Veterans who have military experience in the managerial role are excellent with this role as they already know a lot about reporting, inventory, and other dynamic elements of an operation.      

Operations Research Analyst

When it comes to corporate problems, Operations Research Analysts use data to solve these problems. This is ideal for veterans who have degrees in Computer Science, IT, Software Engineering, and so on, but having experience can also open doors. 

In the same line as a Management Analyst, an ORA deals with data to answer questions, improve efficiency, and tweaks the operations to generate more sustainable revenue.      

Software Developer

Apart from designing and developing new programs, software developers fine-tune existing programs to accommodate clients with their needs and specifications. Veterans with prior experience in development and engineering are the best-suited candidates for this role as it allows better prospects and growth.   


Logisticians are entrusted with keeping supply chains moving. The job description often includes responsibilities including but not limited to;

  • Purchasing
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing

This is another instance where officers in the military have a chance to shine. As commanders of their groups, they are responsible for logistics and the supply chain. The job offers a perfect way to showcase their abilities.   

General Or Operations Manager

This is often considered the highest position in a local corporate hierarchy. General or Operations Managers are entrusted with overseeing and supervising all the operations and processes of an organization. 

Major obligations and responsibilities include;

  • Preparation of staff schedules
  • Assigning work responsibilities
  • Allocation of resources
  • Inter-departmental coordination  

Cost & Payment Methods for Military Resume Writing

Depending on the company a veteran chooses, his experience and expertise, and his educational background, the cost of military resume writing can be very.

For a ballpark figure, it is safe to say that the range for the military to civilian resume writing starts at around $120. This is just the starting limit. For officers who seek executive or managerial level jobs, the cost can climb up to around $3,000 for a resume. 

The best companies for the military to civilian resume writing offer free revisions, money-back guarantees, and so on.  

Popular payment methods for professional resume writing include;

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • American Express
  • Amex
  • Discover
  • Wire Transfer

Process of Military to Civilian Resume Writing

To help veterans understand the nuances of the process, here is a complete breakdown of how to order a resume at a professional resume writing company. 

First & Direct Contact

Shortlist at least three companies and connect with each one of them. Ask as many questions as you like including cost, turnover, guarantees for callbacks, and so on. This first contact can reveal so many things about that company, for instance, who are their writers.

As a pro tip, always lean toward a company that has veteran resume writers in their panel because they can easily understand the military terms and jargon and translate them into palatable notions.   

Feedback – Reviews & Testimonials

Go through the website and online profiles to go through the quality and quantity of feedback the companies receive from their clients. This will give you a clear look at whether the company is as professional as it seems. 

Certifications & Endorsements

There are many certifications and endorsements that professional resume writing companies can acquire to boost their image. As a veteran who is looking for a new job in the civil sector, it is best to cover all the bases.    

Paperwork to Get Ready Before Getting Started For Resume

Following is the paperwork that could be asked for by resume writing services. So, it is always a great idea to have them close:

  • At least a decade of NCOER and other relevant documents
  • Fully updated ERB
  • Training Certificates, Licenses, Permits
  • Academic Degrees & Diplomas
  • Security Clearance 

Do’s & Don’ts For Choosing Military Resume Writing Services

Before moving on with a professional resume writing company, it is best to look for potential red flags as well as merits. In the section below, we have summed up both in terms of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” to ensure you keep them in mind while ordering your next military to civilian resume.    


  • Check website content and design of the company
  • Get contact information and look for online feedback
  • A direct line of connection with the writer is a must
  • Options for resume review and rewrites
  • Check pricing before placing an order. Also, check which payment options they have 


  • Lack of direct connection with resume writers
  • No guarantees or assurances
  • Overstatement of skills and experience
  • Poor customer service


Resume writing can be hard for veterans as they need to showcase their skills and come up with ways to bridge their former life with a future one. They need to show the recruiters that they have what it takes to shoulder responsibilities in a new and unknown environment.

Hiring a professional military to civilian resume writing service is a great step forward. A great company would have trained personnel, and the necessary tools, and expertise to compose a winning resume. In addition to this, many offer guarantees and assurances for hiring and callbacks based on candidates’ experience, skills, and academic qualifications.     

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