10 Best Soft Skills To Put On Your Resume

There is always a trend going on when it comes to hiring and firing employees. Employers hardly stand anything that comes in direct or indirect conflict with their mission, values, and company culture. On the other hand, they are always on the lookout to attract qualified professionals into the fold.

The same goes true for resumes, cover letters, and CVs. Aspirants are adding desirable traits as skills in their resumes before sending them out to employers.

Even though every company has its own culture, preferences, and values regarding who is qualified and who is not, we can always draw parallels about the desirable attributes that are extremely favoured by modern enterprises.

In this article, we will go through some of the best soft skills that aspirants should put in their resumes to give a solid first introduction to hiring managers. Also, we will discuss what effects these soft skills have on the resume and ultimately the job prospects of the applicants. 

Including In-Demand Soft Skills In Your Resume

A resume is a comprehensive summary of a person’s professional acumen, including academic qualifications, work experience, and special skills. No matter who a candidate is and what his or her qualifications are, he or she can always fall into a certain type of candidate depending on the contents of their resumes.

Soft skills are those skills that inherently become part of a person’s character and behavior. They are acquired often but they are not acquired through formal training. Many employers are of the view that soft skills are an absolute necessity for professionals and enterprises. They believe that skills can be taught and trades can be mastered but soft skills are learned and honed and become part of a person. This is the characteristic of a person that they cherish the most.

That’s why professionals who include soft skills in their resumes are often called for interviews and succeed in securing positions at highly lucrative organizations.

Here are the benefits of adding in-demand soft skills to your resume:

  • Instant Recognition
  • Uniqueness compared to other aspirants
  • A better state of mind
  • Improved odds of getting hired

Best Soft Skills For Resume

Now that we have gone through the question of what skills to put on a resume, it is time to go through those skills. It is necessary to understand that before entering these soft skills into the resume, it is best to acquire them first and then claim to possess them.

It is because often employers test these claims and skills during interviews and screening and merely mentioning them on a resume hardly does any good at all.

So, here are some of the best soft skills that employers cherish and look for.     

Solid Communication

Communication skills are prized by both small businesses and large corporations in their line of work. It does not matter whether it is production, administration, and supply chain. Communication skills are always in demand and employers even offer better salaries to those who have good oral and written communication chops.

It is hard to confine the scope and reach of communication skills across the industries because they are applicable everywhere. In many departments, they are considered a part of core skills, such as sales and marketing. Still, they are relevant no matter the area.

Here are some iterations of these skills:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication
  • Constructive Feedback
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Open-Mindedness   


In major corporate settings, teams are worth and matter more than individuals, no matter how valued and talented they are. It is because a team can always achieve more than an individual. For projects, teams work closely and work in a loop where starting and ending of the project happen inside that team.

So, from planning to development and quality assurance, everything is done by a handful of players. To make a team successful, all players must have a teamwork spirit.

In the absence of this important trait, teams are doomed due to poor communication and mismanagement.

Here are some attributes related to teamwork.   

  • Active Listening & Delegation
  • Conflict Management & Coordination
  • Cooperation & Exchange of Ideas


Internal settings or corporate offices and companies often go through drastic changes. Instead of having a brittle and resistant attitude toward change, companies prefer employees with a more adaptable, can-do attitude.

These are the most desirable soft skills that aspirants should have if they are trying to break into industries like health, banking, stocks, and so on. Mostly, it involves around thinking on the toes and making crucial decisions.

Here are some examples and attributes related to adaptability:

  • Self-Composure & Calmness
  • Decision-Making & Assessment
  • Organization & Optimism     

Problem-Solving Mindset

It does not matter where or who you are in a modern corporate hierarchy, it is always highly desirable by employers to have team players with a problem-solving mindset.

It starts by keeping calm and assessing the situation without panicking. Then, professionals make decisions based on their training and problem-solving capabilities.

At the end of the day, professionals with a can-do attitude are always in high demand.

Following are some of the complementary traits of a problem-solving mindset.

  • Lateral & Logical Thinking
  • Negotiation & Persuasion
  • Persistence & Brainstorming 

Creative Drive

Creativity is a necessary thing to make progress and grow from a rudimentary form to a refined form. According to some studies, creativity is considered the most important soft skill in all industries, especially in digital marketing, graphic designing, entertainment, and so on.

Here is a rundown of soft skills and examples related to creative drive:

  • Inspiration & Imagination
  • Innovation & Insight
  • Questioning & Experimentation 

Strong Work Ethics

Work ethics are declining in the last couple of years and that’s why employers are on the lookout for professionals with strong work ethics and dedication to their trade. 

When a person has a strong work ethic, he does not shy away from giving his best and considers his job above all else.

Stern work ethics are commendable in every line of work but they are an absolute necessity in fields, like firemen, first responders, medical staff, and other related fields.

Here are some traits related to strong work ethics:  

  • Discipline & Integrity
  • Commitment & Self-Motivation
  • Professionalism & Time Management

Mastery Of Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills can be defined as a person’s ability to connect with others and forge both short and long-term relations with coworkers. There is no line of demarcation where interpersonal skills are being used in the industries, especially if they are in high demand where brand and customer relations are deep.

Still, it does not mean that they are not used within an Organization. 

Here is a look at some of the attributes that are in line with masterful interpersonal skills:

  • Humor & Empathy
  • Networking & Patience
  • Diplomacy & Public Speaking      

Independence & Time Management

Time is the scarcest resource of all. The second that is wasted in useless endeavours cannot be recovered no matter what someone can or wants to do about it.

Businesses also understand the scarcity and look for professionals who can make the best of their time.

Another thing that is necessary in this regard is that the higher a person moves in the office hierarchy, the more they need independence and solid time management.

Here are some key attributes related to these skills:

  • Prioritization & Self-Start
  • Focus & Deliberation
  • Goal Setting & Stress Management     

Leadership Capabilities

Leadership is one of the most abused terms in resumes. In its true spirit, it is about the ability to mentor and train new people in a firm. It may sound like a position of privilege but it is not. Leadership requires a calm demeanor and a cool outlook toward others.


Candidates with solid leadership capabilities are always in high demand as employers can trust them to play the long game.

Here are some of the things that show leadership in individuals:

  • Selflessness & Empathy
  • Generosity & Reliability
  • Cultural Intelligence & Versatility      

Keen Eye For Details

As the expression goes, the devil is in the details. A majority of professionals are much more trivial about details and nuances regarding a task or a full-fledged operation. There are individuals with a keen eye for details to pick up subtleties and act accordingly.

Employers are after those professionals as they cannot only streamline workflows but even avert accidents and tragedies thanks to their proactive approach.

Following are some examples of characteristics that are true for attention to detail:

  • Critical Thinking & Observation
  • Analysis & Introspection
  • Listening & Questioning     

Closing Remarks

It would be an understatement to say that soft skills are inventions of the current world. They have been working subtly for a long time. It is now that they have come out of the shadows and showcased their true worth.

For aspirants who are eyeing a role in their dream organization or just want to excel and grow in their current role, it is best to hone and highlight soft skills, and the wildest dreams of professionals will be materializes.      

Written by Brad S

A technical writer that has expertise in all niches from art and lifestyle to high-end technologies. He use to write about the changing landscape of business technologies and updates that could contribute to business growth and success. His vision is to motivate the audience with her deep research on contemporary tech topics.