How to create a successful assistant resume:

Like senior staff assistants are also professionals who are just less experienced or have fewer accomplishments/achievements than the senior staff. Assistants in any field also get the same training but still need practical experience along with 2-3 major accomplishments to secure a better job with more perks. Writing an assistant resume can be challenging as most people looking for assistant jobs don't have a lot of experience or other achievements to showcase in their resume. Our resume writing experts can help you with all different types of assistant resumes be it administrative assistant, office assistant, personal assistant, medical assistant, or legal assistant. You just need to fill in the order form with your qualifications and ResumeThatWorks will write a custom resume for you that will be engaging and attractive enough to get you a call for an interview with your dream employer. 

What Do Assistants Do?

Assistants mainly assist senior staff with whatever task they assign to the assistants. Assistants are usually direct subordinates for senior staff members are they are responsible for the daily management of meetings, note-taking, answering phones, scheduling appointments, emailing, and notifying senior staff about upcoming events etc. Unlike general assistants who are normally serving an entire team personal assistants perform administrative tasks for an individual.  Creating a professional-looking resume for an assistant role can be very hard if you haven't created any resume before. You can either look for assistant resume samples or order expert resume writing services from ResumeThatWorks to get an excellent resume that will most probably get you a call for an interview with your dream employer.   

Why Choose Our Resume Writing Services?

ResumeThatWorks is one of the most trusted and reliable assistant resume writing services. Thanks to years of resume writing experience or experts resume creators know what employers are usually looking for in an assistant resume. Our writers not only satisfy the HR manager's needs but also make sure that the resume goes past the AI-Based shortlisting tools. These online tools mainly work based on keywords. Our resume experts know what keywords they should add and where to add these keywords so that they get noticed by your employer. Getting a good resume from an expert resume creator before applying for an open post at your dream company can be vital to securing your dream assistant job. We encourage you to invest this small amount of time and money to take the next step in your career and we assure you that this small investment will be worth every penny.

Average Salary of a Different Assistants

  1. The average salary for an administrative assistant in the US is around $38000 USD per year
  2. The average salary for a personal assistant in the US is around $50,000 USD/ year
  3. The average salary for a legal assistant in the US is around $66,000 USD per year
  4. The average salary for a medical assistant in the US is around $35000 USD per year