How to create a successful administrative assistant resume:

A resume marks your first impression of your potential employer. There is no doubt that a resume can make all the difference between you getting an interview call from your dream employer or not. Administrative assistants are generally good with managing tasks and organizing complex projects by pipelining tasks, however, are administrative assistants also good with making resumes? Making a great resume to stand out from the crowd can be very challenging, and to land your dream job it is very important that you highlight all your key experiences and accomplishments. Therefore you should consult all these free administrative assistant resume samples that are created by resume writing experts from ResumeThatWorks. Reviewing these samples will help you better understand what employers are looking for and what to add or delete from your resume to make it look more professional.

What Do Administrative Assistants Do?

Administrative assistants are generally responsible for drafting messages, scheduling appointments, organizing files, and helping all staff members with administrative tasks. Nowadays modern administrative assistants usually work on computers to create spreadsheets, manage databases, make presentations, documents and reports to perfectly manage all their administrative tasks. Administrative assistants are also responsible for negotiating with product vendors, managing inventories and buying more supplies based on demand. Administrative assistants also need to have the skills to operate different office equipment like video conferencing systems, phone systems, along with other office equipment to smoothly run the office work without any problem or constraint.  Employers look for all these skills and experiences while hiring administrative assistants for specific jobs. Adding all these key highlights in your resume application while ensuring that you are adding them in the right place can be critical for you getting an interview call or getting ignored. Therefore to ensure that all your key experiences are highlighted in the right way you should invest a small amount of time and money by ordering a custom resume from ResumeThatWorks. We currently have a team of professional career counsellors and expert resume writers who can create a professional administrative assistant resume for you. 

Why Choose Our Resume Writing Services?

ResumeThatWorks is one of the cheapest and most reliable online resume writing services. Our professional resume writers have been helping people land their dream jobs for many years. These are the reasons why people from all around the world trust our professional resume writing services.  Remember that you should never be ashamed of getting some much-needed help to take the next step in your career. Not all administrative assistants are good at writing resumes and investing a small amount of money to get a good looking resume is worth every penny. We assure you that unlike yourself, a professional Administrative Assistant CV writing expert will better highlight your key skills and accomplishments that will most probably get you a call for an interview from your dream employer. 

Administrative Assistant Average Salary

The average yearly salary of an administrative assistant in the US is $38,000 USD per year. The highest average salary of an Administrative Assitant is around $59,000 USD and the lowest average salary for the same profession is around $25,000 USD per year.