How to Make a Perfect Accountant Resume

The french word resume literally means “summary”, and that is what your resume is, a summary of your qualifications, experiences, and accomplishments. If you are currently seeking an accountant position then one thing is obvious you are good with numbers and math. But, are you also good at writing a summary of your qualifications and experiences?  Writing a professional accountant resume can be very challenging for non-writers and fresh graduates. These are the reasons why professional resume writing experts from ReumeThatWorks took the time to come up with this article to help you produce a great account resume that will help you secure your dream accountant job. 

Professional Writing Tips for Creating a Great Accountant Resume

Not all accountant CVs are created equal and if you want your resume to stand out from the crowd then you must pay attention to each and every detail before submitting your CV. Here are some professional tips to create a good looking accountant resume:
  • Pro Tip # 1: Enlist all details about your current accountant licences, qualifications and certifications along with their dates of expiration.
  • Pro Tip # 2: Unlike many other job roles, an accountant's experience is equally as important as their qualifications. Do highlight your experience and qualifications.
  • Pro Tip # 3: Highlight your most recent managerial experience at the top to stand above other people competing for the same position.
  • Pro Tip # 4: Unlike other job positions, avoid adding your duties without adding a context of accomplishments. 
  • Pro Tip # 5: Don't add more than 3-5 bullet points per job. You can add a maximum of 6 bullet points for your most recent experience that directly concerns your new position.
  • Pro Tip # 6: Read the complete job description before writing/editing your account CV and remove all irrelevant experience and accomplishments that doesn't concern the new job role. 
  • Pro Tip # 7: Add as many numbers in your resume as possible. This will help you convey how good you are with maths and numbers in general. 
  • Pro Tip # 8: Good employers nowadays receive thousands of resumes and it is hard for HR managers to go through each resume themselves. Therefore many HR managers use tools for shortlisting good candidates. The advanced tools scan through a resume and look for relevant keywords. This is the reason why you should always add all the important keywords in your resume to satisfy these shortlisting tools.

Get Professional Help With Your Resume - Resume That Works!

Expert resume writers from ResumeThatWorks are always standing by to assist you with your resume. Getting much-needed help from a well known and established resume writing service is an investment you should make as this investment would definitely give huge returns on investment if you are able to secure a job. Note: Unlike yourself, a CV writing expert will be able to better highlight your relevant accomplishments and the experiences that are needed to secure the job you are looking for.