Analysts are generally good with numbers and maths as they have the responsibility for making data-driven decisions based on marketing trends and mathematical graphs. However, it is not necessary that a good analyst is also a good resume creator. Many good analysts fail to produce good resumes which is the reason why they don't get called for interviews with industry-leading companies and top employers. To get a call for an interview an analyst must have a professional-looking resume that is according to the job description. 

What Do Analysts Do?

Analysts usually gather tons of data and then analyze that data to make data-driven decisions. Analysts usually look for patterns, trends, graphical representations of data, and other relevant information before making an informed decision. Daily responsibilities of analysts comprise taking actionable steps to improve processes, managing company and client relationships, taking decisions to manage need and supply, and taking decisions based on data patterns. There are many different types of analysts like Project Analysts, Financial Analysts, Data Analysts, Economic Analysts, and Business Analysts to name a few. A good analyst must possess the ability to provide projections and report regarding the financial health of the company. Top of the line analyst should also have the ability to explore great investment opportunities, good financial analysts also have proven experience in working closely with accountants to ensure accuracy in reports and projections. Employers nowadays look for all these skills and experiences before calling anyone for an interview. No matter how good you are at analyzing data and trends you can be very good at creating a professional resume. Therefore expert resume writers from ResumeThatWroks are here to assist you in creating a resume that stands out from all other candidates competing for a good analyst position. Our writers know how to highlight your key strengths, experiences, and accomplishments and in what place to make a great impact. Therefore make a wise decision and order our resume writing services or look at sample resumes to create one for yourself.

Why Choose Our Resume Writing Services?

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Average Salary of a Financial Analyst and a Business Analyst

The average yearly salary of an analyst in the US is $75,000 USD per year. The highest average salary is around $100,000 USD and the lowest average salary for the same profession is around $50,000 USD per year.