An architect is a licenced professional who is responsible for the safety of buildings and their occupants who live in their designed buildings. An architect is generally good at drawings and designing complex building structures and play a pivotal role in the construction of housing and commercial landmarks. But this doesn't necessarily mean that architects are also good at writing resumes. Writing a resume for an architect job can be very challenging as there is very limited space in a resume to highlight all the key skills, experiences and accomplishments. Please review the relevant architect resume samples or seek professional assistance from our resume writing experts. Professional CV creators from ResumeThatWorks are always ready to help you land your dream architect job. 

What Do Architects Do?

Architects mainly design buildings, work on new construction projects, make plans for redevelopments, and work on different construction alterations. They use their specialized designing skills along with expert knowledge to help develop buildings that are functional, sustainable, beautiful, and safe. A good architect must have relevant skills mentioned in their resume. Not mentioning skills and experiences adequately can put an architect out of the list of potential candidates competing for an architectural job. A good architect must have excellent drafting, and designing skills and also have proficiency in using modern designing platforms like CAD (Computer-Aided Design). Moreover, they should have a keen eye for attention to detail with proven work experience and should be able to see the bigger picture of the project.  Appropriately mentioning all these skills in a resume all by yourself can be a big problem for non-writers and fresh architects. Expert resume creators from ResumeThatWorks can create an eye-catching excellent custom resume that can help you secure your dream architect job.

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Average Salary of an Architect

The average yearly salary of an architect in the US is $100,000 USD per year. The highest average salary is around $130,000 USD and the lowest average salary for the same profession is around $80,000 USD per year.